Friday, 22 April 2011

New Author Joins the Blog

I have been looking for a new author for my blog after several searches around the internet for possible authors i've found one.The New Author has been very kind because he's decided to give up his time helping my blog as soon as he seen that i was looking for a new author he was straight in their asking for help.He's even said he'll help sort the design of the blog because he thought it was cluttered.So,that is how kind he is and i'm sure he'll make a great new addition to our team.So I will now announce him the new author is Ritzii,He has previous blogger experience maybe not the most extensive but experience nonetheless.He is represented above by his Gallifrey Base Avatar.Ritzii will be writing his first post later telling us about himself.

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  1. Your posts are next to impossible to decipher! Please use more commas and full stops!