Tuesday, 31 December 2013

CBBC shows triumph as Wizards vs Aliens is the best TV show of 2013 and the Doctor Who Christmas Special scrapes Doctor Who a Medal

The results were as follows:
1.Wizards vs Aliens Gold 9.84 Best Episode:All Out War Part One
2.Once Upon a Time Silver  9.51 Best Episode:The Millers Daughter
3.Doctor Who Bronze 9.10 Best Episode:The Day of the Doctor
4.M.I.High 9.08 Best Episode:The Dark Wizard
5.Atlantis 9.00 Best Episode:Pandora's Box
6.Primeval 8.95 Best Episode:The Sound of Thunder Part One
7.Star Trek(because of Star Trek originally being a TV series the movie counts) 8.56 Best Episode:Into the Darkness
8.Wolfblood 8.21 Best Episode:Desperate Measures
9.Yonderland 7.89 Best Episode:The Heart of the Sun

The best episodes were as follows:
1.Wizards vs Aliens All Out War Part One 9.99
2.Wizards vs Aliens All Out War Part Two 9.95
3.Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor 9.89
4.Wizards vs Aliens The Cave of Menla-Gto Part One 9.87
5.Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor 9.84

Doctor Who just pipped M.I.High to retain its 3rd position from last year after it was beaten
 by Wizards vs Aliens and Merlin in 2012 and if Doctor Who didn't produce two outstanding episodes in The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor then it was feared Doctor Who could have came 5th and Doctor Who was still firmly behind M.I.High before the Christmas Special but has just managed to tip it
and CBBC dominated the line up, never before 2012 had a CBBC show came higher than 7th which was achieved by M.I.High on several occasions but in 2012 Wizards vs Aliens came 2nd and this year CBBC shows hold 2 of the Top 4 positions.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Daleks named Monster of the Year for 2013

There wasn't much competition was there, when a species wipes out pretty much every species worth considering for the competition in the universe with ease then what other choice do you have?This year represents a decade of Dalek victories of the Competition, their 4th win since the revival but the first win for the Daleks since 2008.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

One Direction vs Doctor Who

One Direction:Hello doctor have you heard of us we are One Direction? 
Doctor Who:No your memory must have disappeared pretty quickly after you did whatever you did what did you do? and trust me I know Earth's history pretty well whilst I am a 1200 year old timelord, who can regenerate out of situations you would die from, the legend of which has spread across all time and space, where I am remembered from saving the universe from Daleks,Cybermen etc etc I don't want to brag but why the hell you thought you had any right to ruin my birthday party?I became so popular that I tried to wipe myself from all the databases of the universe because it was driving me insane and yet people never stopped remembering I doubt they will remember you for very long.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Highest Temperatures Ever recorded in London yesterday

Temperatures have been so hot in London that records have been ripped  apart, making London the place to go for Summer Sun and making ideas for hot holidays to places like Africa and Southern Europe look silly.

On Monday temperatures were very high  reaching peaks of 69.8 degrees Celsius in London .However Temperatures of up to 92.6 degrees Celsius were recorded in 20 Fenchurch Street,Central London,UK the following day.

It was so hot a car and bike seats started to melt, a reporter was able to fry an egg up for lunch, a carpet burst into flames, tiles fell to the ground and a lemon bubbled up.The light from the Sun was so intense that it was blinding to passers by.

The hot weather in London is expected to stay for the next few weeks due to an unusual phenomena caused by the height of the sun in the sky and its reflection off a skyscraper known as Walkie Scorchie.

We will have to wait and see if the temperature increases any further into triple digits.Fortunately, protective scaffolding has been put in place to protect local businesses and 3 parking bays have been closed.

I think that the potential fro the area is much more important than the damage that has happened because the area could be used to create electricity(Solar Power) and it could be used to attract tourists in the UK because lots of people have always dreamed of high temperatures like this and a tanning clinic could be set up with Ice Cream etc-I hate hot temperatures though so I will be staying away from London particularly Fenchurch Street.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Paul McGann's Final Adventure-DVD Cover by Lesather

A great Time War cover-not created by me but from lesather of flickr.Suitable parameters:27.2cm*18.3cm.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The 8th Doctor Returns in 50th Anniversary Celebrations

The above image shows Paul McGann protraying the 8th Doctor in The Cyber Seas of Rhye/The Cyberlords of Time, where the Doctor meets Horatio Hornblower and David Tennant also features in a flashforward sequence on the Cybermen's viewscreen.
I wanted to confirm rumours that the 8th Doctor will be returning as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in The Cottling Mystery, the title of an episode that will be released in 2013 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

The BBC have brought back the 8th Doctor(Paul McGann) in a series of canonical adventures and although, a lot of money has been saved through reusing bits from other Doctor Who episodes eg. Dalek Scenes in The Parting of the Ways but with new voices in The Time War- the series still brings back the 8th Doctor and utilises the fact that it has been made after his doctor to make future references like those in The Cyberlords of Time but these are still official episodes and now the 8th Doctor has returned-you could say that the current doctors are Paul McGann and Matt Smith.The series is called Season26B and includes one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes,which is entitled The Time War, featuring the 8th Doctor's regeneration and is available here, because it is set between Series 26 and Series 27.

Not only have adventures already been broadcast on the web but the series is still continuing with new episodes coming every year and this means that Paul McGann will return as the 8th Doctor in the 50th Anniversary year(2013) in The Cottling Mystery as part of the celebrations and even though it isn't that likely he will appear in the special that will star David Tennant,Matt Smith, Billie Piper and Jenna Louise Coleman this is still great news for those, who wanted to see more than just a mere 60 minutes of Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor.Some of the stories in the series rival new Doctor Who, with returns of the Cybermen,Daleks,Destroyer and Trickster amongst many others.

I wanted to make this post because the BBC's production of these new online episodes that are high quality,not animated,not audio or text limited and not black and white hasn't been very well recognised and only a limited number of people watch them and I would appreciate it if you liked their page  on Facebook for all the hard work Steve Pearson,Dan Armitage and other people have done on this project, which is done on the behalf of the BBC.

My Doctor Who Rankings

I am pretty much an unorthodox fan because I hate the fan favourite of The Caves of Androzani and think Blink is about average.
Best Doctor Who Adventure(Top 22)-2 per each Doctor to make things simple
1.The Day of the Doctor
2.The Time of the Doctor
3.The End of Time
4.Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
5.The Trial of a Timelord
6.The Invasion of Time
8.The Cyber Seas of Rhye/The Cyberlords of Time
9.The Curse of Fenwick
10.Remembrance of the Daleks
11.The Invasion
12.Aliens of London/World War Three
13.The Chase
14. Resurrection of the Daleks
15.The Green Death
16.Doctor Who and the Silurians
17.Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
18.The Movie
20.Revelation of the Daleks
21.The Mind Robber
22.The Celestial Toymaker
Best Actor of the Doctor
1.Matt Smith
2.John Hurt
3.Peter Davison
4..David Tennant
5.Colin Baker
6.Patrick Troughton
7.Sylvestor McCoy
8.Christopher Eccleston
9.Jon Pertwee
10.Tom Baker
11.Paul McGann
12.William Hartnell
Best Companion
3.The Brigadier
Best Times to be a Doctor Who Fan
1.Late 2013

Frequencies of the Monsters of Doctor Who

This a post about the monsters of doctor who this list does not include cameo's/ unthreatening apperances and has some stories put together to make one story like Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks Mission of the Unknown and The Dalek's Master Plan so here it goes:

1.Timelords = 30(1965-2011)
2.Daleks = 24(1963-2013)
3.Cybermen = 18 Mondasian(1966-1988):10 Lumician(2006-2013):8
T4.Sontarans = 6(1973-2010)
T4.Kaled = 6(1975-2008)
T6.Ice Warrior = 5(1967-2013)
T6.Guardian = 4(1979-1983)
T8.Autons = 4(1970-2010)
T8.The Great Intelligence = 4(1967-2013)
T8.Weeping Angels = 4(2007-2013)
T12.Yeti = 3(1967-1983)
T12.Silurians = 3(1970-2010)
T12.Cybermat = 3(1967-2011)
T20.Mara = 2(1982-1983)
T20.Macra = 2(1967-2007)
T20.Robotic Spiders =(2005-2006)
T20.Roboform = 2(2005-2006)
T20.Slitheen = 2(2005)
T20.Sea Devils = 2(1972-1984)
T20.Nestene = 2(1971-2005)
T20.Mentor = 2(1985-1986)
T20. Headless Monks=2(2011)
T20. The Silence=2(2011)
T20. Dinosaur=2(1974-2012)
T20. Cassandra=2(2005-2006)
T20. Chip=2(2005-2006)
T20 Zygons(1975-2013)=2

31 recurring Monsters tell me if i have missed one

How to Prevent Monsters getting into your Bedroom

Virtually Dead Lock Sealed Door
If you have no lock on your bedroom door then don't worry as the picture shows you all you need to do is get a box like object, that has a rope like hanger and hang it from your door handle and secure the box to the door by using a chair and put things like DVDs and a teddy bear to fill up even more space, between the rope hanger on the box and the box making sure the DVDs and teddy bear go under the door handle , so if the Weeping Angels and other monsters try to get into your bedroom then even if they try hard to press on the lock it will only move a few centimeters and the door will not open and the DVDs look less secure than they are but because the force on the lock is being applied downwards, the DVDs won't move and even if the monsters try to kick the door down, the chair will prevent movement of the door which will in turn prevent the DVDs,which prevent the door from opening, from falling to the ground.

This is also a good way to prevent your parents getting into your room and you should also reinforce the door with everything you've got to prevent the strongest of the monsters and then the door will be as hard to get into as a door with a Deadlock seal, which is impenetrable even by a Sonic Screwdriver.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Great Intelligence named Monster of the Year 2012

 The entity's chilling performance in The Snowmen it has earned it Monster of the Year 2012.The entity previously appeared in The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear, only 2 episodes from both stories exist though but didn't earn an award for either performances In second place were the Weeping Angels, who sent Amy Pond and Rory Pond back in time in The Angels take Manhattan.In third place was the vicious cyborg Kahler-Tek, who couldn't live without the death of Kahler-Jex in A Town Called Mercy .Previous Winners of the award are:
1.Daleks(2008,2006,2005,2000,1985,1984,1967,1965 and 1963) 9 times
2.Timelords(2009,1996,1993,1981,1969) 5 times
3.Cybermen (2004,1998(Cyberon),1975,1968) 3/4 times
4.Sontarans (1994,1978) 2 times
4.Krynoid(2002,1976) 2 times
6.Sensorites(1964) 1 time
6.War Machines(1966) 1 time
6.Primords(1970) 1 time
6.Daemons(1971) 1 time
6.Sea Devils(1972) 1 time
6.Giant Maggots(1973) 1 time
6.Eight Legs(1974) 1 time
6.Fendahl(1977) 1 time
6.Kroll(1979) 1 time
6.Great Vampires(1980) 1 time
6.Plasmatons(1982) 1 time
6.Raston Warrior Robot(1983) 1 time
6.Vervoids(1986) 1 time
6.Cleaning Robots(1987) 1 time
6.Gods of Ragnarok(1988) 1 time
6.Cheetah People(1989) 1 time
6.Ice Warriors(1990) 1 time
6.Timewrym(1991) 1 time
6.Krarg(1992) 1 time
6.Rutan(1995) 1 time
6.Zygons(1997) 1 time
6.Autons(1999) 1 time
6.Wirrn(2001) 1 time
6.Zagreus(2003) 1 time
6.Toclafane(2007) 1 time
6.Timefield(2010) 1 time
6.Order of the Headless(2011) 1 time
6.The Great Intelligence(2012) 1 time
34.Cyberon(1998) 0/1 time