Friday, 22 April 2011

Monster of the Day-The Sontarans

The Sontarans are the fourth most recurring monster behind the timelords,daleks and Cybermen.They are constantly at war with the rutans a strange shape shifting creature which looks a lot like the strange dalek experiment the doctor found in Daleks in Manhattan.These Monsters look like boiled potato and are very short 5ft compared to the 6ft Daleks and 7ft Cybermen.They have appeared in 10 adventures 7 from Doctor Who,2 from The Sarah Jane Adventures and another spinoff adventure called Shakedown:Return of the Sontarans.The Sontarans have not faced the rutans in Doctor Who but did end up facing their enemies the rutans in Shakedown.In their very first adventure a sontaran pod crashed to earth in medieval times and a lot of the equipment in the ship was damaged so the sontaran Linx needed to kidnap earth scientists from the 21st century to fix it.The Sontarans returned again this time they decided they needed to complete several tests on humans to find their weakness when the reports on humans were not sent to the fleet of the sontarans because of the 4th doctors intervention the invasion was cancelled.In the next story they invaded gallifrey by tricking the doctor into lowing the forcefields around gallifrey to defeat the vardans who were secretly working for the sontarans.Then in their next adventure after that they kidnapped the 2nd Doctor and where trying to find a way to timetravel like the timelords.The Sontarans returned to face the 10th Doctor were they planned to turn Earth into a clone world for the sontarans so the sontarans could clone new soldiers in their constant battle against the rutans by doing this they released toxic gases into the atmosphere this meant that if the transformation of Earth into a sontaran clone world had been completed then all humans on the planet would suffocate.Jast a single companion attempted to assassinate Martha Smith-Jones and Mickey Smith-Jones put the doctor thwarted his plans by knocking him off a railing and hitting his probic vent in the process.A sontaran's probic vent is their only weak point meaning they always have to face their enemies and can't look away or their probic vent would be attacked.The probic vent was were the sontarans were fed energy instead of feeding hence attacking it would mean that the energy that the sontaran that was attacked had would be drained.They then returned to help the doctor be trapped in the pandorica and said a wonderful line "We will save the universe from you".To Add to This,their catchphrase is "Sontar-Ha" similar to the dalek's catchphrase "Exterminate" and the cybermen's "delete.Their catchphrase and their name comes from their home planet which is Sontar.The Sontarans are very strong and great fighters of combat because their planet Sontar has gravity six times stronger than Earth.The Sontarans will return in Series 6.

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