Saturday, 20 March 2010

Coming soon-Vampires in Venice

The doctor takes amy and rory, sightseeing,to 1580 venice but they soon discover that some of the people in venice are hiding secrets and are really vampires.The doctor,rory and amy soon find themselves in trouble when the vampires start revealing themselves and attacking.The doctor and his companions are able to lock three blood thirsty vampires in a room but the vampires use their sharp teeth to escape.The chase begins, will the doctor,rory and amy be able to outchase the vampires on their horses? and can they save the town from the other sharp toothed aliens hidi ng?

*Amy and Rory are engaged at the start of the episode.
*The doctor invites Rory into the tardis.
*The female vampires are dressed in Tudor dress.
*One vampire has a sword and is wearing black armour.
*A strange man is involved with a black robe who feeds a vampire with a goblet containing blood.
*The vampires have umbrellas.

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