Saturday, 20 March 2010

Coming Soon-The Ground Beneath Their Feet/Cold Blood(Current Title)

P1-Earth 2025 A new scheme to stop global warming called mining recycling disturbs a hidden away lost tribe of Silurians.Can the doctor make peace between mankind and siluriankind.Before the Silurians declare war on mankind and start to take over the planet?
P2-Time is running out as the Silurians start to make their plans to take over earth.Is peace possible or must the Silurians be destroyed to save mankind?

*The sonic is needed to unlock a wooden door and the doctor confesses the sonic does not work on wood.
*A character called Ambrose is involved and questions the doctor why it is night.
*The sonic gets dissed by an unknown character.
*Someone falls in love with the doctor and it's not Amy.
* A Silurian stalks a churchyard where the doctor is present.
*The Silurians are more warriorlike then their previous two appearances.
*The Silurians wear silver armour and silver masks in the story.
*Their are many variations of Silurians in the story some with bug eye some without.
*A mysterious boy hangs around a churchyard wear and a Silurian is watching.

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