Friday, 22 March 2013

The Great Intelligence named Monster of the Year 2012

 The entity's chilling performance in The Snowmen it has earned it Monster of the Year 2012.The entity previously appeared in The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear, only 2 episodes from both stories exist though but didn't earn an award for either performances In second place were the Weeping Angels, who sent Amy Pond and Rory Pond back in time in The Angels take Manhattan.In third place was the vicious cyborg Kahler-Tek, who couldn't live without the death of Kahler-Jex in A Town Called Mercy .Previous Winners of the award are:
1.Daleks(2008,2006,2005,2000,1985,1984,1967,1965 and 1963) 9 times
2.Timelords(2009,1996,1993,1981,1969) 5 times
3.Cybermen (2004,1998(Cyberon),1975,1968) 3/4 times
4.Sontarans (1994,1978) 2 times
4.Krynoid(2002,1976) 2 times
6.Sensorites(1964) 1 time
6.War Machines(1966) 1 time
6.Primords(1970) 1 time
6.Daemons(1971) 1 time
6.Sea Devils(1972) 1 time
6.Giant Maggots(1973) 1 time
6.Eight Legs(1974) 1 time
6.Fendahl(1977) 1 time
6.Kroll(1979) 1 time
6.Great Vampires(1980) 1 time
6.Plasmatons(1982) 1 time
6.Raston Warrior Robot(1983) 1 time
6.Vervoids(1986) 1 time
6.Cleaning Robots(1987) 1 time
6.Gods of Ragnarok(1988) 1 time
6.Cheetah People(1989) 1 time
6.Ice Warriors(1990) 1 time
6.Timewrym(1991) 1 time
6.Krarg(1992) 1 time
6.Rutan(1995) 1 time
6.Zygons(1997) 1 time
6.Autons(1999) 1 time
6.Wirrn(2001) 1 time
6.Zagreus(2003) 1 time
6.Toclafane(2007) 1 time
6.Timefield(2010) 1 time
6.Order of the Headless(2011) 1 time
6.The Great Intelligence(2012) 1 time
34.Cyberon(1998) 0/1 time

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