Saturday, 3 November 2012

A-Level Maths SY1 Quiz

A-Level SY1 Revision(Calculator Required)

Question #1: What is an Є value?

Question #2: If x is an integer and is between 30-39 then its Є value corresponds to which algebraic expression?

Question #3: What is the non lateral addition of 16 45 and 34 52?

Question #4: What is the product of the products of the number fission of 63?

Question #5: What are the possible products of the number fusion of 360 and 180?

Question #6: solve the lateral equation 5x=5x+14

Question #7: Evaluate (De)^2U(11)

Question #8: What is 100 in its Simplest Numerical Form?

Question #9: 5+=7 Construct the original addition.

Question #10: What are the contraction algorithms and what do they do?

Question #11: Why is p used in complex geometry?

Question #12: What does the expression ( ) equal, where both brackets aren't related, in terms of x and why ?

Question #13: Expand the lateral expression x-4(x-4)

Question #14: -18 is a possible value of the expression -22.What type of solution is it?

Question #15: Is 19.9 the largest constant that can be wrote in the form a(2) in SNF?

Grade Boundaries:

I think the quiz is a lot easier than the real exam.

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