Sunday, 24 April 2011

Monster of the Day-The Silence

The Silence make you forget if you look away and similarly to the weeping angels they can drain electricity and they use it in a terrifing way to kill you!!!.Somehow,the silence bare similarities to the Ood,the Cyberman,the Sycorax and the weeping angels.Also,has anyone noticed how they seem to kill in the same way River's Gun killed the fez.Their home planet is unknown.However,we do know that they live in undergroiund tunnels underneath your house and visit regularly.You just forget everytime you see one.The Doctor,River Song,Rory and Amy decide to mark themselves to show how many times they've seen a silent.Apparently,they were responsible for blowing up the tardis on 26/06/10.Why did the silence choose this date?What links them to Amy and Rory's wedding?and What did the silence mean by "You must tell what he needs to know and what he must never know"?They created the lodger tardis and who knows how long they have been setting traps for the doctor.All i know is they believe this world is theirs and if you don't agree you should look away and forget rather than be destroyed by the silence's electricity.One things for certain i can't wait for them to have a fight to the death with the doctor and his friends in the lodger tardis.

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