Sunday, 24 April 2011

Doctor Who Disappoints in the Ratings Again

Above:River Song,Amy and Rory's reaction to the news
Only 6.4m tuned in for the series opener The Impossible Astronaut meaning,the final figure will probably be about 8m, this will be the lowest a series opener has been ,if the series continues to fall it could be axed.It can't be doubted that the series has lost a lot of its ratings through the loss of David Tennant, with an average of 10m tuning in for his last year as the doctor, that figure fell by about 2 million last year, with the arrival of the new doctor.Figures for the series were terrible last year, with the lodger getting the lowest ratings yet, for doctor doctor who since the revival, with final ratings of only 5.98m.The finale last year was abysmal in ratings aswell, the final ratings showing only just over 6 and a half million tuned in to watch it,where as the last two finales for david tennant both scored mid 10m and 11.79 million respectivley.The only positive is that the latest christmas special scored an impressive 12m final figure.Lets hope for mid 7m overnight ratings for Day of the Moon.At least it's not as bad as recent ratings for Primeval have averaged 4.18m (final figures).Even though, Primeval gets a bigger budget than Doctor Who with a budget of over £1,000,000 an episode compared to recent estimates of Doctor Who's Budget to be between £700,000-£800,000 an episode.

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