Saturday, 23 April 2011

Monster of the Day-The Pyroviles

Firstly,I know that the last Monster of the Day had maybe too much information so hopefully this monster of the day, will be shorter and more to the point.

The Pyroviles came to Earth after their home world,Pyrovillia, was stolen by the daleks and davros who later would plan to use the world as part of their reality bomb to make daleks the only creatures left in the whole reality.A group of Pyroviles escaped in an escape pod and crashed in the heart of mount and lay dormant their until an earthquake occurred which was the precursor to the main eruption which the Pyroviles were planning to stop by using the power the eruption would release to build their empire on Earth.They created a plan to make Earth the new home for their species by tricking parents into wanting their daughters to become part of the Sisterhood,this made them become Pyroviles because to get the power of prophecy which was needed to become part of the sisterhood they had to sniff in the fumes which were actually made of dust and turned you into stone just one step on the way to becoming a fully grown Pyrovile.Pyroviles can kill humans instantly by breathing fire at them but they can easily be destroyed by water.The Doctor defeated them by quickly escaping from their grasp ,narrowly avoiding being burnt alive,and locking himself and Donna inside they Escape Pod which gave them two advantages ,a chance to revert the Pyrovile's power stealing from the heart of mount Vesuvius and cause the eruption which would end 20,000, by pressing down the lever and a chance to escape the eruption, he was going to cause.They're is two forms of Pyrovile Child Pyrovile and Adult Pyrovile;pictures of both can been above.

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