Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Christmas Carol Review

But that never Happened...But it did...

I'm Sorry for never posting a review of the story so i will now, only a short review though.

Enemy:Elliot Sardick(Main Enemy),Flying Shark(It was Hungry)

Aliens:Flying Shark,Flying Fish

Setting:Planet Snow,44th Century

Companions:Amy Pond,Rory Pond,Kazran Sardick,Abigail Pettigrew


A good story not the best at least it was better than The Beast Below last year and better than the average RTD episode but Steven Moffat quickly raised that standard last year.The story was good because it showed new aspects of time travelling like Kazran realising, that he has new memories and that he can't work the fog machine because his father never allowed him because of the person he has become.My only criticism is that the monsters weren't used enough, the sharks did have some great scenes but since this show is about the monsters i feel they should have featured more.There were some great twists; they followed the original well.

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