Saturday, 12 March 2011

Predicted Synopsis for all Series 6 Episodes

Last year i posted the synopsis for every episode which showed what i thought was going to happen they weren't too accurate or inaccurate but last year they posted with a post about every story for the new series this year they will be posted all together as one so here we go:
1.The Doctor,Amy and Rory arrive in Utah in 1969 and meet up with River Song they are then escorted to the oval office for a special meeting with president Nixon.Once at the oval office,they soon discover something is wrong and that a special project called Apollo 10.5 is being kept secret by the U.S government.But how does this linked to an invasion of America by aliens?
2.USA has been invaded and the doctor has realised that aliens have been hiding undercover and have invented a new disastrous space mission Apollo 10.5.Who are the Silents?Can the Astronauts for the mission be saved? and what does the mission mean for the human race?
3.In the 1600s,the doctor, Amy and Rory discover pirates who are cursed by the siren.Can the doctor save the pirates from the curse and at the same time protect Amy and Rory from being took over by the siren because the doctor soon realises one drop is all that is needed for her to rise out of the ocean.
4.On a Junkyard Planet The Doctor discovers Idris,who wants to commit suicide,and is somehow linked to an old acquaintance who has a new face.Who is Idris? and Why have the Ood invaded the doctor's tardis?
5.In the future,the doctor, Amy and Rory discover a cloned doctor but they soon discover this is all part of devastating plan to destroy the earth.
6.The workforce of The Doctor's nightmares,the incomplete clones are only part of a big alien invasion and Amy and Rory can't work which doctor is which?Time is running out,they must find the right doctor and obey his commands not the clones or Earth will never be the same again.
7.The Doctor meets up with River Song again and when the tardis lands on earth they discover that Earth has been annihilated by the alliance.Why has the alliance formed now that the cracks never existed? Why do the alliance want to devastate Earth and How can the Doctor save Earth from the alliance?

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