Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Amy Pond meets Amy Pond in Double Trouble

Doctor Who will have a red nose day special featuring two Amy Ponds,two tardis's and The Doctor and Rory but their could be two doctors and Rorys - we will have to watch and see.I have provisionally named this special Double Trouble and given it a production code of 32x2 meaning Series 32 Special 2 A Christmas Carol was 32x Series 32 Special 1.

Also the cover of the new DWM issue seems to suggest that 32.1 Series 32 Episode 1 will be called The God Complex.Both titles should have a title previous rumours said the titles for the two parter were Apollo 10 ½ or The Silence.I personally feel The God Complex is the title for Episode 1 And The Silence is the title for Episode 2 so here is how Series 32/33 is shaping up.

Series 32
X.A Christmas Carol (Already Aired)
X2.Double Trouble (Rumoured Title)
1.The God Complex(Title shown on Cover but might not mean what I think it means)(P1)
2.The Silence 2 of 2 (Rumoured Title)(P2)
3.Curse of the Pirates (Rumoured Title)
4.The Power of the Rain Gods (Rumoured Title)
5.The Rebel Flesh (Working Title) (P1)
6.Gangers (Working Title) (P2)
7.Demons Run (Working Title) (P1)

Series 33
1.Relationship Problems (Rumoured Title) (P2)
2.What are Little Boys Made of?/Night Terrors/House Call (Working Titles)
3.The Return of the Weeping Angels (Rumoured Title)
4.The Coward Known as Gibbis (Rumoured Title)
5.The Lodger 2 (P1) (Rumoured Title)
6.The Truth of the Silents (P2) (Rumoured Title)

Series 32
NOTE:All Writers Credits are shown before Series 32
X..Steven Moffat (Already Aired)(Writer of The Empty Child,The Doctor Dances,The Girl in the Fireplace,Blink,Timecrash,Silence in the Library,Forest of the Dead,The End of Time Part 2 (Last Scene),The Eleventh Hour,The Beast Below,The Time of Angels,Flesh and Stone,The Pandorica Opens,The Big Bang)
X2.Steven Moffat (Rumoured Writer0
1.Steven Moffat
2.Steven Moffat
3.Stephen Thompson (New Writer)
4.Neill Gaiman (New Writer)
5.Matthew Graham (Writer of Fear Her)
6.Matthew Graham
7.Steven Moffat

Series 33
NOTE:All Writers Credits are shown before Series 32
1.Steven Moffat
2.Mark Gatiss (Writer of The Unquiet Dead,The Idiot's Lantern,Victory of the Daleks)
3.Richard Curtis (Rumoured Writer) (Writer of Vincent and the Doctor)
4.Toby Whithouse (Writer of School Reunion,The Vampires of Venice)
5.Gareth Roberts (The Shakespeare Code,The Unicorn and the Wasp,Planet of the Dead(Co-Wrote),The Lodger)
6.Steven Moffat

Extra Note:The Comic Relief special seems to see Amy Pond's legs last Apperance because in the opening two parter she is wearing jeans and purple tights in the pirate episode please comment if you know that they will be exposed again later in the series.

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