Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Vincent and the Doctor Review

Quote of the Episode
To me Van Gogh is the finest painter of them all

Companions:Amy Pond,Vincent Van Gogh
Saviour:Vincent Van Gogh
Deaths:Girl in Cafe and one died a week before and Vincent died a few months later but none of these on screen so its 0
Rating:6000/10.00(Best of the Series so far)
Twists:Face,Sofa and a chair,Maurice,Van Gogh's rage at the doctor,Crafayis is blind,Stabbing,Afraid,Starry Night,Musee D'Orsay,Dr Black explaining how good a painter Van Gogh was,Van Gogh dieing even though Amy thought they had cheered him up for forever
Plothole:1Where is his ear?Van Gogh should have already cut a small portion of ear off yes not the whole ear their was no evidence of stitches scars or cuts just clean ear
Reason for Plothole:You can't really cut someone's ear that would hurt the actor!!!
Setting:Provence,France,1-3Rd June 1890 Musee D'Orsay,Early 2010
I really enjoyed this episode it showed something we hadn't seen in doctor who before a overload in emotion and it worked and I thought it wouldn't work this emotion got into your heads and made you desperately want to see more paintings and devastated to see Van Gogh still killed himself.The Creature was fantastic the other creatures have been good this series but this has to be the best well done the Mill.Unfournately,some people don't appreciate it the creature was real enough to me if I seen that in my back yard I would believe was an alien if it wasn't in this weeks doctor who because I'd know it would be some sort of doctor who joke.What else can you say?The best scene was where Dr Black was telling the Doctor what he thought about Vincent Van Gogh and Bill Nighy and Tony Curran did excellent there I really want both actors to return and play their roles.Well Done to Richard Curtis you have showed us that doctor who can be enjoyed on an emotional level aswell as a scary and dramatic level.However,I feel this idea shouldn't be used again or it will spoil the uniqueness of the emotion in this episode it should only be done for one episode you will spoil the emotion if you do it for anymore.Also,I would like these creatures to return in a group and with abilities to see so we can see them eat people aswell as attack them.I saw a production error the people who saw thebody of the girl said she had been ripped to shreds through the camera angles you could clearly see no scratches or attack marks nothing but a person who looked dead Oh dear!!!Maybe,the BBC should give back the money it cut from the budget the make people look like they have been ripped to shreds.

What I'm looking forward to in The Lodger:
1.The Doctor playing football
2.Finding out what happens to Amy
3.Seeing people disapeer upstairs
4.What is at the top of the stairs
5.How the doctor copes with anormal life
6.Amy telling the doctor to remove bow tie
7.Craig's reaction to The Doctor
8.Finding out Why the doctor has a load of clutter in a shopping trolley
9.Finding out what happens to the tardis in this episode its rumoured that it does a logopolis because asmallerversion of the tardishas been seen in pictures of the finale
10.A new tardis console
11.Craig and Sophie's reaction to seeing the alien orwhatever is at the top of thestairs
12.The Doctor,Craig and Sophie running out of the house
13.What the monster or whatever at the top of thestairs is doing to the people it tricks into going upstairs
14.Finding out how this links into the finale
15.The Doctor's reaction to the monster
16.Why this alien at the top of the stairs is on Earth and its story
17.Seeing whether we can find any more cracks
18.The Pandorica Opens Next Time Trailer I hope its like The Stolen Earth's normally they are packed with everything and are incredibly massive

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