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Doctor Who-Conspiracy on the Grotchel

In the Tardis
AMY:Where are we?
THE DOCTOR:Just flying near the grotchel
AMY:What is the grotchel?
THE DOCTOR:A human spaceship of the 22nd century I will put TV advert on the scanner for us
The Doctor runs around the console pressing buttons then finally turning a console part and the advert appears
JANETTE WHITFIELD:Hello I am Janette Whitfield You need to fly on the Grotchel it is supreme for the first time ever you do not need spacesuits to travel in space all the pressure of space is controlled and their is an oxygen factory for all you're needs also the Grotchel can travel faster than ever before up to a quarter of the speed of light ten times faster than ever before You can buy tickets for the Grotchel from 27th June 2129 and the Grotchel will be ready to fly from 30th March 2136 book tickets for the Grotchel before you have to wait in a massive queue for the tickets its well worth it
THE DOCTOR:A quarter of the speed of light that's ridiculous
AMY:A quarter of the speed of light WOW!!!
THE DOCTOR:I should have took you to the year 2541 where the speed of light is broken by Japan they allowed everyone to fly on these spaceships apart from England,Wales and Northern Ireland thats why they needed a star whale it took them ages to reach the speed of light I am not sure wether they did anyway this tardis can travel much much mush faster than that so that is just boring
AMY:Grumpy Face
AMY:Doctor whats happening The Tardis keeps rocking AAAAARGH!!!
Amy falls over
THE DOCTOR:Are you alright?
AMY:I think I have got a sprained Ankle
The Doctor runs up to the console with Amy behind him they both hold onto the console
THE DOCTOR:We are under attack
AMY:Can you not do something?
THE DOCTOR:I am trying to get the main defence program working even if I can get it working it is a bit out of date it might not be good enough
AMY:Who is attacking us?
THE DOCTOR:The Grotchel
THE DOCTOR:I do not all I know is if we can not stop their attack very soon this tardis will be destroyed Does that cheer you up?
The Tardis goes purple
THE DOCTOR:I have got it online you get the first go at firing at the Grotchel
AMY:What do I do?
THE DOCTOR:Push Down on that lever while I pull up this lever as hard and quick as you can I have everything else setup but as soon as we start firing it is a matter of how quick we can fire which affects the spaceship if we can fire quick enough we can do some real damage hopefully
Amy pushes down on the lever while the Doctor pulls up the other lever
AMY:How did I do?
THE DOCTOR:You did excellent Unfournately the main defence program isn't any good just as I suspected Oh Dear!!!We only damaged the spaceships sheilds by 0.7% no where near enough
AMY:Will the tardis survive?
THE DOCTOR:I don't think so the shields of the tardis are down to 2% and we are defenceless
Part of the Console blows up and knocks the Doctor and Amy cleanly out and they fall down to the glass floor of the Tardis
The Tardis Explodes
LIAM:The Doctor is dead
Doctor Who Title Sequence
In the Tardis
The Tardis keeps flashing and the power of the console is failing the Doctor runs to the console
AMY:What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR:Storing all the energy in the time rotor its our only hope in their the energy will stabilize and be kept intact for about ten hours before it starts dieing we need to find an energy source to save the Tardis normally I would travel to Cardiff because I can the pure energy my time machine needs from the Rift running right through Cardiff but their isn't enough energy left in the Tardis for that
The Doctor flicks switches and the Time Rotor closesand the console goes dead
AMY:but this Tardis is special won't it need more Chronon Energy and Time Energy and that won't be in the normal power supply
THE DOCTOR:All we need is electricity it doesn't give the Tardis more power and energy it just makes the energy still alive in the time rotor more active and makes it reproduce and the whole Tardis can be rebuilt through it
AMY:As long as we can get the energy in time
THE DOCTOR:All we need is a spark of energy to survive the electricty will make that spark become all the energy we need to power the Tardis very quickly
AMY:Why did that spaceship stop firing
THE DOCTOR:Good Point Miss Pond We still had 1% Sheilds left in the Tardis and we wern't camoflaged
AMY:Why don't we have a look outside?
Amy starts running to the door
THE DOCTOR:A my come back anything could be out there we could be in heaven or santa's workshop
Amy opens the doors of the Tardis
AMY:Or a fully working spaceship unlike ours
THE DOCTOR:Don't wander off Amy this could be the Grotchel
The Doctor runs out of the Tardis and closes the doors
MR COPPER:I see you have changed your face
THE DOCTOR:Yes indeed you always notice everything
MR COPPER:Is this some sort of religous or cultural or alien display that ,whoever you really are, do normally?
THE DOCTOR:I do it a bit it is how my race survive I am not from Sto I am from Gallifrey I am part of a different species to anything on Sto
MR COOPER;Yes I see now You are still the same to me though I can feel your soul inside that head of your's and I can tel its the same
THE DOCTOR:How did we end up here? and what about the Grotchel because I know this is not the Grotchel?
MR COPPER:You where very lucky I recognised your blue box and saved you
THE DOCTOR:And How did you do that? and aren't the people who attacked us on the Grotchel a little susapicious of whats happened and surely they must be lucking for u
MR COOPER:We teleported you and your blue box to my spaceship and they won't be looking for you We created a virtual screen to block and replace the spaceship's real screen tricking them into thinking that your blue box was destroyed in a massive explosion caused by their firing
THE DOCTOR:Well Done Mr Copper I see you have moved on I am proud of you you have got your own spaceship and you got all my companions together to stop the Daleks
MR COPPER:I don't know what you are talking about I left Earth 1 week later than when You left me on Earth and brought this wonderful spaceship from the same company that have been repaying the surviours of what happened on the replica of the titantic Rastenburg Builders they called themselves they do all sorts
THE DOCTOR:Oh I get What the Pandorica and these cracks have done to the universe is still in place and that dalek invasion never happened
MR COPPER:I know this universe has been affected by all sorts recently so many cracks and wormholes have been appearing To me I think this all means one thing
MR COPPER:This universe must be being shaped and controlled by some impossible force some force that we have not encountered before and I think it is all going to end in a big sort of climax and you must save us all from whatever is happening We need your help more than ever
THE DOCTOR:I will do all I can to help you
Amy Comes Running
AMY:Thank God I found You I have been searching all over this spaceship is not the Grotchel I know because I have seen Posters up saying "Beware the Grotchel" and you wouldn't put that up on the Grotchel Would You?Doctor WEhat is this spaceship called?
MR COPPER:Copper Starliner
THE DOCTOR:Their is something else bothering me I have checked my watch Today is 21st June 2137 you can't be here you where realitive to the year 2008 you can't be here in 2137 in any shape or form
MR COPPER:This spaceship fell through a wormhole 3 days after we left Earth and arrived in 2134 The Spaceship almost fell apart
AMY:This Spaceship is amazing and it seems incredible to me
THE DOCTOR:I still don't understand Sto Technology was only about thirty years ahead of Earth and it has technology way better than 2008 Sto or 2038 Earth?
MR COPPER:That is because people still know us from Sto and places and I didn't get done for fraud lack of evidence for that they didn't mention it they didn't know at all what I had done but I have moved on and used these vital links to buy technology from Sto and Earth in 2134
AMY:How has he done all this with 1 million doctor?
THE DOCTOR:Mr Copper must be a good bussinessman and it does cost to be a passenger on this spaceship he probably borrowed loads from companies around Sto and Earth and then this came popular it has got 250 passengers and it costs 900,000 a day on it so you can see that he payed back the debt immediately through that
MR COPPER:Doctor!!!
THE DOCTOR:What?Sorry I wasn't listening
MR COPPER:Since I saved you and your companion I would like you to do me a favour
AMY:What do you want us to do Mr Copper?
MR COPPER:The Grotchel over there has had so many staff changes recently and no normal spaceship would fire on a blue box passing by something is wrong on there something evil is happening some sort of conspiracy is happening
THE DOCTOR:Conspiracy on the Grotchel Really easy I will solve it in the Click of my fingers not literally though What could possibly go wrong?
AMY:Conspiracy on the Grotchel I wonder if River Song is there?
THE DOCTOR:River Song doesn't just appear in all the excitingly titled events
AMY:Well she was there at The Crash of the Byzantium,The Opening of the Pandorica which will happen some day,Shadows at the Library and the Bone Meadows we also haven't encounted that adventure yet
THE DOCTOR:You are too obssessed with River Song
AMY;I am not I was only using my brain
THE DOCTOR:I need a electricty cable for my ship
MR COPPER:Use this one from the engine
THE DOCTOR:I won't use much
The Doctor runs to the console unlocks the time rotor and plugs in the cable the Tardis goes back to normal
THE DOCTOR:Their we go Thank You Mr Copper I didn't use too much did I/
MR COPPER:No not at all
AMY:Bye Mr Copper and get a party ready for us when we come back
The Tardis dematerialises
Copper Starliner can be seen mainly green with blue sort of wings and black bold writing saying copper starliner the spaceship looked like an advanced plane
The Grotchel can be seen close to the Copper Starliner with purple windows and mainly red structure and silver expensilver sparkling crystals and diamonds around the exterior of the spaceship.The Grotchel was massive four times bigger than the Copper Starliner it had a shape like a bus and was tall and narrow
The Tardis materialises on the Grotchel
The Doctor instantly sonics the Tardis
AMY:What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR:Putting a perception filter around it
AMY:I can still see it
THE DOCTOR:That is because you want to see it the people around here and more importantly what ever attacked us on this spaceship will not notice it I am hoping whoever attacked us doesn't know I've changed
A tall young man wearing smart clothes approaches the Doctor
TIM:Who are you?Are you on the register list?
The Doctor shows Psychic Paper
THE DOCTOR:Journalists from The Daily Spaceships We have come here to investigate the working of the spaceship and interview its owners
TIM:That is acceptable
THE DOCTOR:Are you new to the staff?
TIM:No I have been on the Grotchel ages I saw the other staff being sacked and dropped of on Earth and repacled they are not doing that me
AMY:Could you lead us top the main reception area because we are tired after a long trip from Earth
TIM:Here is a map all the details should be on here for you to find everything I hope you enjoy your stay on the Grotchel and I will arrange quarters for you in a few hours and I will give them to you in the reception area
THE DOCTOR:Thank you for your service
In the reception area
The Doctor and Amy sit down and approach a young girl who looked about 25 with black hair and tanned skin
AMY:Have you noticed anything strange around here?
AMANDA:Yes I have I went on this cruise with my husband and my brother and they have just disappeared in the last few days
THE DOCTOR:Interesting because We have been sent here to work out what is going on by Copper Starliner don't tell anybody they are not liked by the Grotchel I told them we where from the Daily Spaceships
AMANDA:Copper Starliner is the only spacesghip cruise you can trust these days the rest are all cons or frauders but this cruise is worse so worse people keep disappearing 300 people out of the 450 people on this cruise if the rate of disappearances continues we will have nobody left
AMY:Any new staff over the last fe months?
AMANDA:Plenty vertly all the staff have been replaced by fat people who look like they are hiding something
THE DOCTOR:How did this all start?
AMANDA:When we Crashed into Clom the twin planet of Raxicoricofallapotorius
THE DOCTOR:I have got to think Clom fat people who look human but are hiding something (Pause)They are Abzorbaloffs
THE DOCTOR:They are a race from Clom they can hide in humans and have taken over this spaceship and they absorb people
The Doctor,Amy and Amanda run to the performing stage in the reception area and interrupt the singing of an old man with grey hair and a moustache in a black suit.
LIAM:What do you think your doing?
AMANDA:Making an important announcement
THE DOCTOR:Most of the Crew on this spaceship are not human they are aliens in human suits and technically they are Abzorbaloffs
MARTIN:He's worse than that man called the Doctor
LIAM:I think he is the Doctor he is a Timelord they can regenerate
MARTIN:What are you going to do now?
LIAM:Show all the passengers on this spaceship exactly who we are
MARTIN:You are going to reveal yourself
LIAM:Oh yes
AMY:The Doctor is telling the truth
ADAM:They're imbecile if their is any aliens on this spaceship they're the aliens the crew are not aliens
Liam steps on the stage
LIAM:Actually they are right and their is no escape
Liam and Martin start removing their skins and their transformation is very similar to the Slitheen but their is a blue light instead of a yellow light
THE DOCTOR:Run!!!Everybody Run!!!
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:I am sorry but their is no possible escape more Abzorbaloffs are coming
MARTIN ABZORBALOFF:Thank You Doctor and your friend Elton Pope giving us the name Abzorbaloffs you gave us an excellent name which we are keeping
THE DOCTOR:I agree with keeping the name
AMY:What are we going to do now?
THE DOCTOR:Can you not think of a plan?
The Doctor picks up a green slodge of something near the stage and puts it in his pocket
MARTIN ABZORBALOFF:Also Doctor you will be delighted to know that the Abzorbaloff on Earth was dieing of old age and was a disabled scavenger and he was never as powerful as us or normal Abzorbaloffs look at what I can do
Martin Abzorbaloff stretches his arm and abzorbs a man 1000 feet away from where he was standing and the man is instantly abzorbed
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:As you seen their we can stretch our arms 1000 feet and abzorb in a few seconds from touching you and we can alter our shape run rapidly
MARTIN ABZORBALOFF:You shall all be abzorbed and their is no reverse to the process
AMY:If they are Abzorbaloffs won't something abzorbative slow them down
2 guards enter the room and remove their skins and show that they are Abzorbaloffs too
THE DOCTOR:Excellent idea Amy Amanda have you got any bath sponges
AMANDA:Luckily I have them for my shower in the evening How many do you need?
THE DOCTOR:1 for Liam 1 for Martin and 2 for the guards
AMANDA:4 is all I have got be careful with them
The Abzorbaloffs stretch their arms and absorb a family
The Doctor throws all 4 sponges at the Abzorbaloffs and the Abzorbaloffs start irritating and seem stuck to them
THE DOCTOR:You will be fine in a bit
AMANDA:Everybody Run!!!
All the passengers and crew which are human run with the Doctor
the Doctor sonics the doors to the Reception Area
MARTIN ABZORALOFF:Devilish Humans look what they have done
Liam Abzorbaloff fights his sponge off then Martin Abzorbaloff and then the Guard Abzorbaloffs
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:Lets abzorb them now Our Mother will still be able to deabzorb them from us and feast on them we need to ensure we get this spaceship to our mother she needs to feast she needs have her final feast this universe is getting dangerous the Crits are advancing she must get a final feast
MARTIN ABZORBALOFF:We shall honour the tradition that all the mothers off the past have had a final feast close to her death and then her soul will be passed onto the next woman Abzorbaloff in line and mix with her to make the next Abzorbaloff Mother You are right this universe is getting dangerous we must ensure he tradition still happens before the Crits advance and kill her
GUARD ABZORBALOFF:We shall sacrifice ourselves and this spaceship for her don't you worry our plan shall succeed
The Abzorbaloffs break down the doors and start running incredibly fast
THE DOCTOR:I need to think fast now where is the Oxygen Factory
AMANDA:Its in here
The Doctor,Amy,Amanda and the passengers and crew which are humans enter the Oxygen Factory
The Doctor gets the green slodge out of his pocket
AMY:What have you got in your hand?
THE DOCTOR:Abzorbaloff Tissue green and sticky it was spilt on the floor
AMY:What can you do with the tissue doctor?
THE DOCTOR:This is Abzorbaloff Tissue and its not abzorbing me is it so I think that if Abzorbaloff Tissue escapes the body of an Abzorbaloff it only becomes dangerous to the Abzorbaloffs.I believe the Abzorbaloff Tissue would attract all the other Abzorbaloff Tissue on the other Abzorbaloffs and pull them all apart
AMY:We only have a very small amount of Abzorbaloff Tissue
Amanda opens up a section of the Treeborg wiring
AMANDA:We could put the tissue in the the Treeborgs we could mix it in with the Chlorophyll supplies and edit the Photosynthesis's of the Treeborgs in the Oxygen Factory we would need to rewire all the systems aswell
THE DOCTOR:Yes that will be perfect
The Doctor and Amanda start rewiring the Circuits of the Treeborgs
AMY:One small problem Doctor
THE DOCTOR:Amy What is the problem?
AMY:How will we be able to breathe
THE DOCTOR:We are setting up the Treeborgs to reverse to emergency settings after thirty seconds
AMANDA:That won't be enough to kill them
THE DOCTOR:I am not intending to kill them I want to just remove their Abzorbabilities
AMANDA:I have set the new program to make Abzorbaloff Tissue for 30 seconds and then set it to start emergency settings after that
The Abzorbaloffs enter
Liam Abzorbaloff Claps
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:Well Done and now for all your betrayal to us you shall die now doctor and our mother shall have her meal
MARTIN ABZORBALOFF:I have already closed down the ships main systems and started lowering the ship so it will start falling soon and crash into our mother and she shall eat this all up
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:Now you shall die doctor
Liam Abzorbaloff's arm starts stretching getting nearer and nearer to the Doctor
Amanda sets off the new instructions for the Treeborgs and loads of Abzorbaloff Tissue comes squirting out and starts heading straight for the Abzorbaloffs
The green Abzorbaloff tissue starts spreading across the entire spaceship slowly abzorbing the staff which are Abzorbaloffs and are working normally across the spaceship
The green Abzorbaloff Tissue stops being produced by the Treeborgs and oxygen starts coming out instead and all the Abzorbaloffs have turned White and over three hundred humans can be seen behind them which have been deabzorbed because of the Abzorbaloff Tissue
MARTIN ABZORBALOFF:I don't like this I can't abzorb anymore
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:What have you done to us?
THE DOCTOR:Took away your Abzorbabilities you can't abzorb anymore and think how cross you're mother will be when she eats this this terrible meal humans are much much better than Abzorbaloffs drained of their Abzorbabilities and the humans who where abzorbed before have been deabzorbed
LIAM ABZORBALOFF:You will still all be abzorbed by her this spaceship is falling you have no means of escape and we saw your Tardis be destroyed so you can't escape
AMY:If you did get this Spaceship to the mother with you having your Abzorbabilities wouldn't she have been ripped apart
GUARD ABZORBALOFF-No because she is in ways a different creature which feasts on Abzorbaloff Tissue the centre of Abzorbaloff society nothing can defeat her
THE DOCTOR:I am sorry to tell you this but my Tardis hasn't been destroyed and you are now only Abzorbaloffs with no Abzorbabilities Now all the 450 people of the Grotchel and the only human crew follow me now and run very very fast
The Doctor sonics the Tardis to remove the Perception Filter
THE DOCTOR:Everybody Hurry up this Spaceship is going to be Abzorbed
AMANDA:Come on In
Everybody gets inside the doors close and the Tardis dematerialises
The Abzorbaloff Mother appears, green with loads of faces on and she is twice the size of the Grotchel and has a massive blue mouth half the size of the Grotchel with the Grotchel falling fast.The Mother thinks she is about to Abzorb the Spaceship and have a incredible meal but she is about to soon realise that the meal is lacking humans and Abzorbaloff Tissue
ABZORBALOFF MOTHER:My Children this is not right look at that the meal have you have given me
Mother starts Abzorbing
ABZORBALOFF MOTHER:This is horrible where are the humans? and you are horribly white this is revolting and I can't deabzorb this junk.I am disappointed in you I wanted a final meal you all know that the Crits are taking over changing time and space to suit their needs and they are destroying our universe.I shall die soon because of the Crits and I won't have had a proper tasty final meal.I am incredibly disappointed with you,you have broke the tradition of our race.I trusted you on the Grotchel
In the Spaceship
AMANDA:This spaceship is amazing How does this all work?
AMY:Its to do with dimensions but I don't really understand it
THE DOCTOR:This spaceship is called the TARDIS and it stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space does that help you
AMANDA:No Its a bit confusing
THE DOCTOR:Travelling in the Tardis when you are a human
AMANDA:thank you for saving my husband and my brother if you hadn't found that green slodge of Abzorbaloff issue we would be all dead
The Doctor,Amy,Amanda and over three hundred more humans step out of the Tardis
MR COPPER:You can't bring that many more people on my Spaceship
THE DOCTOR:Let them Mr Copper they payed for the Grotchel and they didn't get what they wanted so I think its fair
MR COPPER:I need £900,000 off them everyday then
THE DOCTOR;No Mr Copper they are going for free I solved Conspiracy on the Grotchel
so you are letting them on for me
AMANDA:I think We are going to stay on this Cruise after we arrive at Cardolia the planet I have a bank on Earth and I am going to start paying from their after I have reached Cardolia
THE DOCTOR:Goodbye Amanda and I hope you,your husband and your brother have good luck on the Grotchel and make sure every Conspiracy gets solved immediately if their is any
AMANDA:I will try my best
AMY:Goodbye Amanda
MR COPPER:You succeeded
THE DOCTOR;I did now Amy has a order for you one you didn't succeed in doing when we returned here which Amy asked when we last left
AMY:I want a party
THE DOCTOR:Get a party ready Mr Copper we will be back in 1 hour
MR COPPER:I will doctor Goodbye
AMY:We will see you later
The Tardis dematerialises
End Titles

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