Monday, 17 May 2010

Amy's Choice Review

Quote of the Episode
I wouldn't be surprised if their was a purple space dog to show what an intergalactic wag you are
Quote of the Episode
Enemies:Psychic Pollen(Main Enemy)
Dreamlord(Enemy Helper)
Aliens:Psychic Pollen
Companions:Amy Pond,Rory Williams
Saviour:The Doctor
Rory (All in Fake Realities)
Dreamlord(Is he really dead)
Psychic Pollen (Dead really in the real reality)
Rating:4000/10(Best Episode Yet)

Twists:Dreamlord,Birds,Mrs Poggit,Rory's Death,Blowing up the Tardis,Both Dreams,Dreamlord=Darkness of the Doctor,Psychic Pollen,Snog
Plot Holes:1(The Doctor saying outside their how many zeros have you got)Cold temperatures don't have many zeros they only go down to -273 and the doctor was in a fine state not joking and it was not in the dreams that the cold star was a strange temperature
Reason for Plot Hole:Probably Simon Nye's lack of Scientific Knowledge or Simon Nye falling asleep when typing or silly mistake
Setting:The Tardis
Now what an episode that was with Toby Jones superb acting thrashing Matt Smith who was brilliant aswell.The monsters were great it is a shame they didn't really kill anyone really or even exist in upper leadworth but never mind lets just pretend they did.The Psychic Pollen was great and just think if the doctor, Amy and Rory hadn't realised both were dreams then the psychic pollen would have got so strong it would kill them and the whole universe (Probably).The Pollen's Player or Helper was very good and pulled a sneaky face towards the viewer as he said he was defeated but this was another trick to try and keep them in the fake reality to make the pollen stronger.The pollen created this character from the doctor's darkness and fed on them as it trapped them in a game with it's player or helper the dreamlord trying to lie a lot and keep them trapped. Furthermore,did you realise the Eknodine and Burning Cold Sun where actually helping them.I don't know if any of the players knew this but they where and the dreamlord and the Psychic Pollen couldn't control this even thugh the dreamlord pretended he could.I believe it was the doctor and his companions fighting back and this helped them and luckily the doctor realised what was happening and saved the day.
What will be good about the next episode:
1.The Silurians Return
2.The Doctor playing the middle man again
3.People being sucked into the ground
4.Why Silurians are conducting experiments with dead and alive humans and creating hybrids.
5.The Cliffhanger
6.Silurian Technology like Heat Sensors
7.The Doctor's talks with the Silurians
8.The Graveyard scene
9.Experimenting Silurians
10.Silurians secret chats
11.The Silurians being woken up by the ground
12.What the Silurians instant reaction is to being disturbed
13.Silurian's Drilling
14.Finding out what happens to Amy
15.Why the humans are drilling into the ground
16.The Doctor remembering the Silurians from old times (Hopefully this will happen)
17.What else 2015 has got in store
18.The doctor's chat with the boy
19.Next Time for Cold Blood
20.Silurian Masks

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