Monday, 10 May 2010

Parallel Universe News

Hello now through a crack in the void obviously caused by Pandorica I have been able to contact a far away parallel world not pete's world a much more far away world not as similar as that world to ours and I read a blog which I will post here about Here is what it said"Election just been yesterday 9Th Mailda 2010 Kate Lucas Won for the green party we are getting much greener with 7,210,942 computers out of 12,818,954 won by the green party this year Liberal Democracy Reports Got 2,608,012 computers lead by the famous Winston Clegg who was prime minister a day a ago and the conservatives came third with 2,500,000 computers lead by Dave Kamera Labour disappointed with only 23 computers lead by Tony Brown the other 499,977 computers were all broken in fights with parties and all the votes were lost so the computers couldn't have been given.Anyway onto Scientist What Matt Smull The new scientist has appeared on the screen with Sally Gill playing Jessica Amelia Lake What fans have critised for wearing 10,000 sets of clothes fans say they preferred a bikini or short skirt.The new companion's face is covered up by a balaclava and her farther has just started travelling with the scientist after the 6Th episode of this 13 episode series who is called Tiger Williams and is played by Arthur Idiot and no that isn't his real name it is his stage name it was suggested by showrunner Steve Cowfat because he is an idiot who normally falls over on set every 10 minutes and is nicknamed Idiot Chinned Giraffe by the cast and crew of scientist what.In the first episode of this series scientist what tried to save Jessica Amelia Lake from a hole created by a dart in her wall which wanted to turn her into a clown.In the second episode the pair had to uncover the secrets of Starship Skaro which was transporting the friendly so called Davros Pepper Experiments who helped the previous scientist through his happy
rebirth and discovered that the ship was being terrified by criers who cried too much
and the fact that scary scarecrows were onboard eating children who were from the alien world known as Australia and wouldn't eat pensioners.In the third episode the scientist faced defeat of the odd in world feast one he had to stop their defeat exterminating the Italians and worked out that a scientist called Brace Yourselves for Wells was actually a cake.
In a happy two feaster the scientist met the predictable river singer who he had met once but knew everything about and he to wanted to drag her into the past with his green terdis shaped book of chocolates and he succeeded but ended up making her kill a woman in the past and need a breakfast from storm college to be released and encounted the strange Woven Angles who existed as stone when you blinked and was forced to close his eyebrows to save the day and pull the woven angel out of jessica's legs.The cliffhanger saw the scientist free in the maze of the living ready to reweave woven angles and chop jessica's legs off to feed the woven angle saving her.In the sixth episode the scientist ended up falling out of the tap in jessica's farther's TV screen and pulled her farther from the bed all the way to 61St conury Revince in Tubekisted where they battled Rosanna Cerverri who planned to reinvent the rat to make the city afraid and also battled dogs with sour teeth who weren't really dogs but giant dolphins in disguise who wanted to wipe out the bones of Revince.Luckily the scientist was able to fall down a clock and save Revince.The next episode looks guytooud with the anti-dream lord wanting to pull the doctor's companions apart by stealing their dreams and destroying them and he has an army of friendly babies.This series has been the best yet.With the econes returning,a green supper with Sandro Botticelli,Tennis and disappearances in a lift and the door opening in the finale with cyberpets returning for us to cuddle we can be sure the series will continue to be good thank you all for reading my blog.
So their you are news from a parallel universe. I will continue to upload more news from this world if the crack in the void keeps open and stable.Looking forward to posting more news from this universe.

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