Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Time of Angels Review

The Time of Angels? How can I review this?Too good Well i can't say too much well the best things were the incredible opening it just was amazing,the weeping angels killing people,Amy turning into stone gradually,the doctors mistake,the lights going out more and more angels quicker and quicker and the cliffhanger shooting the Byzantium Why?
What was Bad about the episode I will probably look back but nothing I can see I am going on iplayer to see how long it was it was too short again.well apart from that it was brilliant.The next episode what I am looking forward to
1.The Angels Gaining in Stength
2.Amy turning to stone gradually.
3.The Forest
4.Weeping Angels
5.More Secrets about the future
6.Finding out why the doctor shot the Byzantium
7.Why the angels killed people and didn't take him to the past.
8.What on earth is the time of angels. on earth he escapes the angels
Rating Impossible to rate too incredible

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