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Doctor Who-Enemy of the Daleks

OFFICER:Thats now 100 nurses dead and 100 school children have disappeared the school now has no pupils
SERGEANT MITCHELL:This is unacceptable we are the police we keep track of whats happens around here where did they go? this doesn't make any sense
OFFICER:One thing that seems strange is the school was meant to be vaccinations in that week that must be a connection
OFFICER:What are you doing?
SERGEANT MITCHELL:Contacting UNIT I want them to do a full investigation of the school.
OFFICER:Do you believe aliens maybe hiding in the school?
SERGEANT MITCHELL:It is very likely and whatever the cost if aliens are on earth they must be stopped.
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:We have just received a priority one call well we know what to do
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Its fairly obvious contact Martha Jones she knows the doctor's phone number
COLONEL MACE:Martha Smith-Jones she married Mickey Smith
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Thank You for correcting me
A few minutes Later
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Hello is Martha Smith-Jones there?
MARTHA SMITH-JONES:Yes what do you need me for
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:We need the doctor's number
MARTHA SMITH-JONES:Here it is make sure you write it down
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Get some paper Colonel
COLONEL MACE:Here is some
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Read the number out Martha
MARTHA SMITH-JONES:Here it is 07700 900461
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Call the number Colonel before it is too late
COLONEL MACE:Calling 07700 900461
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Thank you for your cooperation
MARTHA SMITH-JONES:Glad to be of service Goodbye
(MAGAMBO puts the phone down)
In the Tardis
AMY:What's that noise?
THE DOCTOR:Sounds like a phone to me but I haven't got a phone have I?
AMY:Well the phone on the tardis console isn't ringing
THE DOCTOR:What is then?
AMY:Sounds like a modern phone to me but where is it coming from doctor?
THE DOCTOR:Its coming from oh of course I know what it is its my mobile phone I left it in the console room when it blew up I wonder where it has ended up now?
AMY:Its hard tell where the ringing is coming from doctor
THE DOCTOR clicks his fingers
THE DOCTOR:The Swimming Pool
AMY:How did it end up in the swimming pool?
THE DOCTOR:I don't know
AMY:You never do
In the Swimming Pool area
THE DOCTOR:The Mobile Phone it is over there
AMY:You are seriously not thinking of going in are you?
(The Doctor takes his jacket and braces off and jumps in)
(The Doctor swims to the phone,answers it and is electrocuted)
THE DOCTOR:Yes Colonel what do you want?
COLONEL MACE:We have a situation
THE DOCTOR:What is the date and year?Where?
COLONEL MACE: 31St August 2010 Unit Headquarters Chiswick,London
THE DOCTOR:Goodbye Colonel
(The Doctor leaves the phone swims back and puts his braces and jacket back on)
THE DOCTOR:Come on Amy
AMY:Are you alright?
AMY:You were electrocuted
THE DOCTOR:Worse things have happened to me
(The doctor and Amy go down the stairs and the doctor quickly goes the consoles and presses switches on the console)
THE DOCTOR:Coordinates Set here we go Back to earth Amy Pond
(Amy Pond Smiles)
(The Doctor collapses)
AMY:Doctor what is wrong?
THE DOCTOR:Don't touch me if you don't want to be electrocuted
AMY:What can I do?
THE DOCTOR:Go to earth and find out what is happening
AMY:What about you?
THE DOCTOR:I will be fine in a few hours
(doctor falls unconscious)
(Amy opens the doors of the tardis and sees Colonel Mace)
COLONEL MACE:Where is the doctor?
AMY:He has been electrocuted
COLONEL MACE:Oh Dear No doctor never mind come in
AMY:Who are you?
Colonel Mace Saluts
COLONEL MACE:Colonel Mace who are you?
AMY:Amy Pond
COLONEL MACE:Nice to meet you you must be the doctor's companion
The Dalek Base in Thorburn School
DALEK:The 100 experiments have all succeeded
The Dalek Leader approaches the dalek is black and has red globes to symbolise that he is the leader.
DALEK LEADER:Well Done now with this knowledge everything on this planet can be destroyed
DALEK:First we must infiltrate The Unifed Intelligence Taskforce's Headquarters so that we can use the massive transmitter
DALEK LEADER:That will be simple we do not even need a Defriglator to change our appearance for this they shall all be exterminated
Doctor Who Title Sequence
AMY:So what has been happening
COLONEL MACE:100 nurses have been found dead with their body electrocuted in a very strange way I think the nurses have been killed by aliens and the kids kidnapped for experimenting but it is too early to say exactly what has been happening
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:That Can't be right because the nurses were seen giving injections and the bodies were killed earlier than the reported sightings.
AMY:What if the aliens killed them disguised themselves as them and then gave the children different injections
OFFICER runs in
OFFICER:We are under attack we need to evacuate quickly
COLONEL MACE:Who are attacking us?
OFFICER: Petterpots Golden Petterpots
COLONEL MACE:What on earth?
(Amy quickly draws a sketch of a dalek and shows it to the officer)
AMY:Did they look like this?
OFFICER:How do you know?
AMY:I Have seen them before
OFFICER:Where is the doctor?We need him urgently more than ever Sir
COLONEL MACE:Electrocuted what a time for him to be electrocuted
Several Dalek Gun Sounds can be heard
OFFICER:They're coming
Daleks enter the room and exterminate the officer
AMY:I Know who you are You are the Daleks
DALEK:You Shall be Exterminated!!!
DALEK:They Know stuff we need them alive so we can activate our masterplan
DALEK:Humans are stupid you're stupidity brings you to destruction
you do not know us apart from one a different type of daleks made from davros's DNA in 2009 they looked the same as us however you do not recognise us
DALEK LEADER:It is because of Davros's daleks that we survived they split the void open when attempting to destroy reality and we escaped through the void We are millions you can not stop the daleks.
A officer runs and punches a dalek hard in the eyestalk smashing their eye
DALEK:My Vision is impaired I can not see AAAAARGH!!!
Dalek Blows Up
DALEK LEADER:You have killed a dalek you must be exterminated
Dalek exterminates officer
DALEK:All you attacks are useless against the daleks you will cooperate or be exterminated
DALEK LEADER:These are the cleverest humans on earth they understand than helping us will have no benefit to them and will kill their race where being exterminated will save their race so we must hypnotise them and dehypnotise them and let them see their planet fall
(special dalek heads up to them with a hypnotism device Which looks like a brick with a blue diamond in the middle instead of a dalek sucker)
The dalek activates this and Colonel Mace,Captain Magambo and Amy Pond fall unconscious
DALEK LEADER:Scanning their minds I have found knowledge that the doctor is unavailable.
ALL DALEKS:Nothing in the universe can stop the daleks Now
10 Hours Later
Everything is set up daleks are pressing switches to activate things and they are now in the transmitter room
DALEK LEADER:You have now been dehypnotised you are locked in forcefields and you can watch you're planet die
AMY:What are you planning?
DALEK LEADER:We are setting up our devices with our experiments we can transmit Void DNA Across every Nanometre of the planet everything will be pulled into the void this transmitter will connect to all the other transmitters all over the world pulling everything into the void.
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:You will kill yourselves you are full of void DNA.
DALEK LEADER:It is necessary we will destroy ourselves to destroy earth the doctor's favourite planet THE ULTIMATE REVENGE!!!
DALEK LEADER:Start the device first set the dials to start sending the void DNA and then 10 minutes later once that is completed open the void.
DALEK:I obey
AMY:Wait a minute how did millions of daleks fit into the school in the first place?
DALEK:We had invented a Defriglator which shapeshifts us into different forms we used this for the experiments and turned ourselves into nurses so that we could test the DNA and implant the Void DNA then open the Void over that area once all the daleks had evacuated and the children were pulled into the void.Most of the daleks were shapeshifted to particles while those needed for the experiments worked.
COLONEL MACE:Where are the other daleks now?
DALEK LEADER:Guarding all the other transmitters in the world ensuring the plan succeeds
AMY:How did they get their so fast?
DALEK LEADER:We invented new technology we can travel without support the entire earth in half a minute
DALEK LEADER:Is the Void DNA Transmitter Active?
DALEK LEADER:10 minutes till the doctor's paradise is destroyed after so many tries from the daleks finally we shall win
DALEK:Victory is Coming The Daleks Shall Win
ALL DALEKS:The Daleks shall Win!!! The Daleks shall Win!!! The Daleks shall Win!!! The Daleks shall Win!!! The Daleks shall Win!!! The Daleks shall Win!!!
Strange bleeping noise is heard louder and louder on the dalek scanners
DALEK:A new dalek ship is materialising above earth
DALEK LEADER:EMERGENCY Call all the daleks back and make them all arrive about this UNIT Transmitter
DALEK:Scans show that the dna of the daleks onboard is dna from the original daleks
DALEK LEADER:They are inferior daleks only the dna of recent daleks can be accepted
Exterminate the inferior daleks
ALL DALEKS:Exterminate the Inferior Daleks!!! Exterminate the Inferior Daleks!!! Exterminate the Inferior Daleks!!! Exterminate the Inferior Daleks!!!
The daleks off the ship teleport into the room
SUPREME:Exterminate the void DNA converter and all inferior dalek technology Earth shall become a new Skaro not be pulled into the void
DRONE:I obey
(Drone exterminates the machinery)
SUPREME:You are are all enemies of the daleks Exterminate!!!
DALEK LEADER:You are an enemy of the daleks!!!Exterminate!!!
Loads of dalek sounds can be heard all the gold daleks in the room are easily destroyed as well as the dalek leader.
SUPREME:Millions more inferior daleks above teleport us above Eternal
AMY:Well the doctor is not the only enemy of the daleks
COLONEL MACE:Thats saved our day now they have destroyed their technology the forcefields should not function
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:That has just made our day worse now a massive dalek war is beginning above London and all the unit soldiers have been exterminated
AMY:At least we are not all going to be pulled into the void.Do you think we will still all have Void DNA in us?
COLONEL MACE:No because I overheard the daleks say that until the void dna transmitter has completed transmitter no void dna will be stabilized yes their will be fragments but they will be destabilizing and will disappear quickly
AMY:That is a relief
COLONEL MACE:Amy here is a gun we must defend earth.
In the Sky of Earth
DALEK:You are an enemy of the daleks
SUPREME:You are an enemy of the daleks
Dalek exterminated by supreme
SUPREME:We must spread across the sky we must destroy the inferior daleks
A family comes out of the cinema.
MARTIN:That was a lovely film imagine if aliens were real and we seen them arriving on earth
ANDY:Not in our lifetimes
MANDY(MOTHER):Oh my god look in the sky
JOHN(FATHER):Real aliens fighting in the skies of london
Andy is exterminated by Scientist
SCIENTIST:All humans below shall be exterminated
AMY:What do we do?
(Strategist exterminates dalek)
Loads more gold daleks can be seen being exterminated quickly by the original daleks
30 minutes later
NEWS REPORTER:Breaking News killer Aliens are fighting in the skies i urge you to stay indoors and keep together i wish everyone the best of luck in this crisis we have pictures and videos
DRONE:The News Reporter will be exterminated!!!
SCIENTIST:Only 100 inferior daleks to be exterminated
ETERNAL:Only one dalek left
SUPREME:Emergency Casing Destruction Imminent
Eternal quickly exterminates the last dalek
AMY:were did the other daleks go?
THE DOCTOR:back to their ship they will need extra forcefields and ship repairing systems to repair their casing they will have to time shift to another destination and absorb the energy as well to repair their casing because they almost died if the eternal had teleported them away seconds later they would have died
AMY:Why were the daleks fighting each other?
THE DOCTOR:Their has been several different changes in dalek DNA over time the changes have made them almost a different species and the daleks that arrived were original DNA and the gold daleks had recent DNA they fought in the time war
AMY:So the daleks in the future can be an enemy of the daleks in the past and the opposite way round
THE DOCTOR:I am also an enemy of the daleks
THE DOCTOR:Amy just think without these original daleks we would of all been sucked into the void.Amazing isn't it daleks saving earth.
AMY:Well if it wasn't for Winston Churchill aswell because he called us to WWII and got you to testimony creating new original daleks
THE DOCTOR:Come on back to the tardis
AMY:Where are we going now?
THE DOCTOR:Somewhere new
AMY:Away from daleks?
THE DOCTOR:Hopefully
the doctor smiles and the tardis dematerialises and a crack can be seen in the fires of destroyed london
COLONEL MACE:How can a crack be in fire?
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:It is not a crack
SERGEANT MITCHELL:I can hear something
COLONEL MACE:Get our sound equipment out it could be important
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:What can you hear?
SERGEANT MITCHELL:AAAAARGH!!!Pandorica is opening?Doctor,what do we do?AAAAARGH!!!
Stomp stomp stomp you will be deleted Pandorica rising AAAAARGH!!!This is the end!!!
CAPTAIN MAGAMBO:Pandorica?Deletion
COLONEL MACE:We ma\y never find out what it means or maybe earth might be in danger
SERGEANT MITCHELL:It is probably some stupid prank
All three nod heads and walk away the crack can be seen getting wider and getting shinier
End Titles

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