Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Doctor Who Adventures Made By Me

I have wrote,edited,made and produced two new online adventures and i gather this post is a little late.Nevertheless,here they are two completely new adventures starring David Tennant and many others.
The Master has created a chaos world a parallel world to earth where everyone is chaotic and evil.The fifth,eighth,ninth and tenth doctors soon become trapped in the world and the master unleashes the final part of his plan to review the first seven doctors, then take the fifth doctor out of the chaos world to be trapped with the first, second,third, fourth,sixth and seventh doctors in an infostamp with the other three doctors trapped in the chaos world.With the doctors out of the way the master starts his plan to rule the universe with the rani.Can any of the doctors escape either the infostamp or the chaos world or will the universe perish at the hands of the master and the rani?
Setting:Unknown because characters are taken out of reality could even be set after series 5 but the master would be careful of the eleventh doctor so probably not.Also,the master in this story is a past master so will he be editing his past and future adventures by appearing in this adventure.Trapping doctors of which is future incarnations are still to meet very interesting stuff i hope you like it!!!!
The next story is available properly on Veoh and Youtube
Monsters of the Cardassians
The Cardassians unleash their new masterplan to use the wormhole to make creatures invade all over the universe so that the Cardassians will be the only creatures left in the universe.The Doctor and Donna become trapped by a web created by a cyberbomb.So Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness,Martha Jones,Sarah Jane Smith and many brave leaders must fight for the survival of the universe against many creatures including Daleks all across time and space.Will the Cardassians be the only creatures left standing or will the brave fighters prevail?
Setting:Between Midnight and Turn Left because Donna is still travelling with the doctor and rose is free from her parallel world.
Make sure you have veoh web player to watch the full video.Also chaos is available in full but the version I have posted on Youtube is more updated i have not yet uploaded the updated version on veoh yet.Here is the link to the less updated version:
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