Thursday, 18 March 2010

All Season Fnarg Titles Revealed?

I just wanted to show peoples which titles will definitely be,should be and are rumoured to be.
1=The Eleventh Hour (Finalised Title)
2=The Beast Below (Finalised Title)
3=Victory of the Daleks(Finalised Title)
4=The Time of Angels (Finalised Title)
5=Flesh and Stone (Finalised Title)
6=Vampires in Venice (Finalised Title)
7=The Nightmare of Amy Pond (Rumoured Title)
8=The Ground Beneath Their Feet(Current Title)
9=Cold Blood (Current Title)
10=Vincent and the Doctor(Current Title)
11=The Lodger (Rumoured Title)
12=The Pandorica Opens (Current Title)
13=The Big Bang(Rumoured Title)
So I wonder, will this be the list of titles for season fnarg which will be remembered forever.
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