Tuesday, 31 December 2013

CBBC shows triumph as Wizards vs Aliens is the best TV show of 2013 and the Doctor Who Christmas Special scrapes Doctor Who a Medal

The results were as follows:
1.Wizards vs Aliens Gold 9.84 Best Episode:All Out War Part One
2.Once Upon a Time Silver  9.51 Best Episode:The Millers Daughter
3.Doctor Who Bronze 9.10 Best Episode:The Day of the Doctor
4.M.I.High 9.08 Best Episode:The Dark Wizard
5.Atlantis 9.00 Best Episode:Pandora's Box
6.Primeval 8.95 Best Episode:The Sound of Thunder Part One
7.Star Trek(because of Star Trek originally being a TV series the movie counts) 8.56 Best Episode:Into the Darkness
8.Wolfblood 8.21 Best Episode:Desperate Measures
9.Yonderland 7.89 Best Episode:The Heart of the Sun

The best episodes were as follows:
1.Wizards vs Aliens All Out War Part One 9.99
2.Wizards vs Aliens All Out War Part Two 9.95
3.Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor 9.89
4.Wizards vs Aliens The Cave of Menla-Gto Part One 9.87
5.Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor 9.84

Doctor Who just pipped M.I.High to retain its 3rd position from last year after it was beaten
 by Wizards vs Aliens and Merlin in 2012 and if Doctor Who didn't produce two outstanding episodes in The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor then it was feared Doctor Who could have came 5th and Doctor Who was still firmly behind M.I.High before the Christmas Special but has just managed to tip it
and CBBC dominated the line up, never before 2012 had a CBBC show came higher than 7th which was achieved by M.I.High on several occasions but in 2012 Wizards vs Aliens came 2nd and this year CBBC shows hold 2 of the Top 4 positions.

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