Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Highest Temperatures Ever recorded in London yesterday

Temperatures have been so hot in London that records have been ripped  apart, making London the place to go for Summer Sun and making ideas for hot holidays to places like Africa and Southern Europe look silly.

On Monday temperatures were very high  reaching peaks of 69.8 degrees Celsius in London .However Temperatures of up to 92.6 degrees Celsius were recorded in 20 Fenchurch Street,Central London,UK the following day.

It was so hot a car and bike seats started to melt, a reporter was able to fry an egg up for lunch, a carpet burst into flames, tiles fell to the ground and a lemon bubbled up.The light from the Sun was so intense that it was blinding to passers by.

The hot weather in London is expected to stay for the next few weeks due to an unusual phenomena caused by the height of the sun in the sky and its reflection off a skyscraper known as Walkie Scorchie.

We will have to wait and see if the temperature increases any further into triple digits.Fortunately, protective scaffolding has been put in place to protect local businesses and 3 parking bays have been closed.

I think that the potential fro the area is much more important than the damage that has happened because the area could be used to create electricity(Solar Power) and it could be used to attract tourists in the UK because lots of people have always dreamed of high temperatures like this and a tanning clinic could be set up with Ice Cream etc-I hate hot temperatures though so I will be staying away from London particularly Fenchurch Street.

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