Saturday, 30 June 2012

Connor to Appear in More than 1 Episode of Primeval Series 6

As you can seen Andrew Lee-Potts is on set again,this will probably be around episode 10 and episode 1 filming has already finished so he must be in more than one episode-I think he will appear in several episodes.

This what I think will happen he will appear in episode 1,trying to solve a major problem that has gone wrong,from the messing with the anomalies that happened last series that prevented the magnetic field being reversed and Evan Cross or someone on the new team,after facing a scary Albertosaurus will come up with a solution and then he will appear every so often to show how he is getting on,preventing this major problem and then he will return in the finale/close to the finale properly,maybe a 3/4 episode arc,where he tells the team that their solution has gone horribly wrong and then we have our finale,with a major problem and probably loads of creatures.

The discovery of Andrew,on set again,concurs with the evidence seen in his interviews,where he seemed as if he was part of the major cast,when asked what will happen in the rest of the series.

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