Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Poll-Best Monster 2011 (Eps 1-7)

I have narrowed down the monsters for the best monster 2011 Eps 1-7 Poll the winner will proceed to round 2 with my personal winner for the particular catergory in that vote then the winner of round 2 will go on to round 3 to face the winner of Eps 8-13.
So there are three you can vote for:


2.Headless Monks


I will not tell you which one i have picked because if you pick that one then it will automatically proceed to round 3-The Final.

Also,I have not been posting recently because i have been stressed over exams.However,hopefully normal service will resume soon because i have completed 60% of my exams.So Please Vote!!!(I am not allowed to vote in any rounds)

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