Sunday, 1 May 2011

Monster of the Day-Astronaut Suit

The Monster of the Day today is the astronaut suit it was a simple life support system but the suit could move and would gobble up its victims.In this case,the victim was the little girl who i think is not the child of Amy i think she is Amy i still don't get how she has a future picture of herself though because it is too obvious to be the baby and the eye patched lady who will be revealed to be Kovarian recognbised her.The Astronaut Suit killed the doctor with the weaponary in the suit but it is not known who was gobbled up by it.The suit allowed the little girl to phone the president in distress.The suit was built by the silence to protect the girl for an unknown reason.The Silence even decided to send huimanity to the moon so they would produce a spacesuit for the little girl from the humans designs.

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