Monday, 21 February 2011

Why Doctor Who Series 32 will air on Easter Saturday

Combom's guess is April 2nd 2011 however i have my own guess and that is April 22nd 2011 and i am pretty sure combom is wrong this year because one basic rule for airdates the issue before the dwm issue that features previews of the first episodes is published DWM includes a preview which always says that the next issue will include what i have stated above.DWM is never late or wrong the latest DWM went out on 10 February 2011 the next will be 10 March 2011 and the next after that will be the 7th April 2011 and the latest issue didn't mention about any previews so we know that the series will air 9th April or later.If the series aired on April 23rd then it would finish on June 3rd this would leave a three month gap to series 33 meaning it will air on September 3rd which would allow the BBC to cram 6 episodes of Doctor Who and 10 episodes of merlin just before christmas and Merlin has not officially been announced to be aired in 2012 and reports say it might air in October so that is my guess for the series airing.I have set the countdown widget for 6:30 pm on that day because that i feel is the most likely date it will air.Please comment about your views on the airdate!!!

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