Saturday, 19 February 2011

Monsters Series 32/33

Series 32
1/2 Silents By Steven Moffat (Confirmed)/ Grey Alien seen in trailer/ Mara (Rumoured) (Unlikely since if they returned they would probably have to be the main enemy but a giant snake has been reported to have come out of a lake while filming Grey Alien and Silents could be the same creature The Grey alien may be what Amy and River will become if the doctor can't save them)
3 Siren By Stephen Thompson (Mentioned in Speech (Blood draws the Siren) )

4 Rain Gods/Ood (Confirmed to be in an episode) I think the ood will be in this episode because Rory seemed in the same clothes in the trailer and it can be noted that the ood seemed to be in the corridors of the tardis
By Neill Gaiman Not Confirmed but where mentioned by Neill Gaiman)
Probably an episode where the doctor tells asn alien species similar to our own or even humans to stop sacrificing to the rain gods because they are not real but the doctor realises they are real and must defeat them to save the species from the rath of these monsters

5/6 Rebel Flesh / Gangers (Working Title)Incomplete Clones (Confirmed)/ Monks (Confirmed)Aliens (Daleks?) (Not Confirmed) who made them It can be noticed that the doctor was cloned before by the daleks and it was mentioned that the doctor will have a flashback of Skaro so this could be them returning and the old daleks will join the new daleks if the daleks return.Is this series trying to look back at the black and white era? Episodes 1 and 2 set in 1960s People where sacrificed to the Rain Gods in the Aztecs and the doctor was cloned in the chase

7 Demons Run (Working Title)(Part 1 of 2) Sontarans (Confirmed)/Cybermen (Confirmed)/Silents (Not Confirmed) By Steven Moffat The Silents will probably feature because i doubt steven will only feature the silents in the opening two parter

Series 33

1 (Part 1 of 2)Sontarans (Confirmed)/Cybermen (Confirmed)/Silents (Not Confirmed) By Steven Moffat The Silents will probably feature because i doubt steven will only feature the silents in the opening two parter

2 What are Little Boys Made of?/Night Terrors/House Call (Working Titles)
Dolls (Confirmed)/Giant Scissors (Not Confirmed/Toys (Not Confirmed)

3 Mole (Gibbis) ? (Not Confirmed)By Toby Whithouse The Sun said David Walliams would play a cowardly mole called gibbis this might not be true because the sun is a tabloid but the daily star got the finale storyline last year right If this is true the plot will probably be set on a planet were their are two species one enslaved by the other or at war with them one species bad one species good the mole is part of the good species and the doctor needs Gibbis's help to save his species from the bad species he decides to not help since he is a coward but he decides to help at the last minute saving the day The doctor who website has confimed he will play gibbis no news about moles though

4 By Gareth Roberts / Tom Macrae / Paul Cornell (Not Confirmed) Possibly set on an ice base or egypt but episodes 7 and 8 are rumoured to be set in egypt will probably include Freddy (Will Wylde)(Confirmed to be in an episode )

5/6 By Steven Moffat (Not Confirmed) (Not Confimed to be a two parter either) Silents?/Daleks?/Cybermen?/Sontarans? Silents will be probably included as a end to their 3 series arc

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