Thursday, 3 June 2010

City of the Daleks Review

Quote of the Episode
Witness the might of the Daleks!!!

Enemies:Varga Plant,Time,Daleks Dalek Emperor
Aliens:Varga Plants,Daleks,Dalek Emperor
Companions:Amy Pond
Saviour:Amy Pond
Deaths:Thousands of Daleks (Sylvia died but her death was reversed when the daleks were defeated)
Rating:9.00/10(Worst of the series so far)
Twists:Destroyed London,Amy starting to Disappear,Rebuilt Skaro,The Eye of Time,Varga Plants
Plothole:1(How did Skaro survive?)
Reason for the Plothole:Its only meant to be a game
Setting:1963,London and Kaalann,Skaro
I think the problem with this episode was it took ages to get going and the problems where solved too easily with the doctor knowing exactly what to do immediately.The solution to the problem attach a working gun and eye to the emperor was very strange how does that block out the vision of all the daleks.
However,the animation was brilliant and Amy disappearing because time was catching up with her was a clever concept.The best scene was when the daleks took the doctor to see the emperor but I feel this seen was a little to short to match up with similar moments in other stories like the doctor's big talk to the supreme.To play the game not watch is a different experience all together but the game lacked instructions and was full of stupid little puzzles which again didn't have any instructions. I think the game would have been better if it was formatted more like Attack of the Graske because the doctor was there to help you along the adventure where technically you where on you're own in this adventure.From a watching perspective the game still offered god lot references telling us that the daleks have stolen the timelord's power but I still have one big question How on Earth had Skaro Survived?This is not the first time this mistake has happened Skaro was first destroyed totally in Remembrance of the Daleks then it existed in The Movie and The Daleks executed the master on the planet then it was supposed to be destroyed in the time war as one of the cult of Skaro said to Mr Diagoras in Daleks in Manhattan and now it has survived again some how. Could there be worse than daleks on Skaro? species keeping the planet alive even though it should have been destroyed?Maybe we will never know but one thing is for sure the supreme white dalek in the adventure games definitely escaped fine from this adventure because that dalek is in the finale with proper vision and how would you escape Skaro without vision anyway.A lot of things can point to this technically for all doctor who fans I can announce secretly hiding away from the BBC,who are always watching from the shadows,City of the Daleks is not Canon it does not fit in with events in the whoniverse so I declare it is not canon.

What I am looking forward to in Vincent and the Doctor
1.What the creature looks like it looks impressive CGI from what we have seen but what does the whole creature look like
2.The scene where The Doctor and Amy hide in a cupboard and the creature attacks them
3.When and Where has the doctor seen the creature in the episode before
4.The Doctor being knocked off a building by the creature
5.The Doctor,Amy and Van Gogh leaving Provence on horses
6.How the creature kills
7.The fully identity of the creature
8.How Vincent Van Gogh dies
9.Vincent Van Gogh stabbing a yellow monster
10.More painting by Vincent Van Gogh
11.The Doctor showing Vincent the future and how loved his pictures are
12.How sunflowers are involved

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