Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flesh and Stone Review

Outstanding Totally Outstanding Some thoughts how did the doctor, Amy and river song escape out of the Byzantium the gravity failed their should have been no escape it was a similar moment to the age of steel where we never seen them climb right to the top of the ladder and why is Amy trying to cheat on Rory with the doctor?Who did river song kill?Was it the doctor?and however it was Why on earth did she kill him?and how will the Pandorica open?when will Amy's wedding day be?Probably the finale but not vampires of Venice too big of an event.Still the running time should be longer and their was a minute long next time trailer...
What I am looking forward to in the next episode
1.How a building goes up in smoke
2.What creatures the vampires really are they are not vampires apparently they are otters or fish creatures.
3.Vampires killing people.Sucking their blood.
4.How people get changed into vampires
5.How Amy escapes not being turned into a vampire

6.How the doctor escapes the vampires as seen in the preview clip on Jonathan Ross
7.1580 Venice
8.Seeing whether Rory gets any strange remarks in Venice for wearing a silly top with a picture of him and Amy in a love heart
9.Seeing what sort of reaction Rory takes to seeing the doctor
10.Finding out what sort of a companion Rory is going to be (He is companion for the next three episodes after this aswell)
11.The Doctor talking to Rory about Rory's Fiancée and explaining about time travel to Rory
12.Finding out what this horrible thing is

13.How on earth whatever is taking over humans and turning them into vampires got here and finding out exactly what they are
Rating:2000/10 or More/10 Outstandingly Brilliant and anyone who said David Tennant will always be the best actor to play the doctor should really run because Matt Smith is really starting to thrash him in all departments of the role.

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