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Doctor Who-Dispanded Sherwood

Earth,Sherwood Forest,1188
ROBIN HOOD:Come on the sheriff is coming we need to move fast to escape him I will stay behind to distract them
ADAM:You'll kill yourself
ROBIN HOOD:You Know I won't because I am Robin Hood nobody defeats me
ADAM:5 minutes
ROBIN HOOD:Agreed I will meet you down there in 5 minutes
ADAM:Keep Moving
JOHN:What is happening? the birds are fleeing
ADAM:It must be the Sheriff's men they must be in the forest
A gremlin like creature approaches robin hood with a blue round shaped head with yellow uneven circles on the face which are spots and a small thin rotting browny-yellowy body.The gremlin is no bigger than a 8 year old child
GREMLIN LEADER:He is harmless
OTHER GREMLIN:I concur he is not a threat we should make him unconscious just in case he is on to us and is a spy or something
GREMLIN LEADER:Have you got the Tierlinary Conductor working for this area?
OTHER GREMLIN:Don't worry leader we will succeed in our mission
GREMLIN LEADER:Get to it our people are dieing we need to save them
Sheriff's men come by with swords and bows and arrows ready to fight on horses
TERRY:Oh look little children playing around with silly masks I have got to say they are well made
GREMLIN LEADER:Nice to see you but you need to catch that villain robin hood
SHERIFF: Yes We do and Terry I need to warn you Do not mess around with little children this could be a trap by robin hood
Sheriff's men knock unconscious robin hood over with their horses not realising at the time and just as they enter the section of the forest where robin hoods men are
GREMLIN LEADER:Excellent let this area become out of bounds we need more experiments like this Set the Tierlinary Conductor to take this area out of Sherwood Forest
SHERIFF:What is happening I can see only grey
SHERIFF:What is happening?
Robin's men,the sheriff and his men are in the newly formed time vortex where there is grey holes which are time tracks
SHERIFF:This does not feel right
Their bodies are starting to disintegrate from the pressure in the time vortex
ADAM:Our bodies are falling apart
Sheriff notices robin's men
SHERIFF:The merry men kill them
TERRY:I don't think we have enough time we are all going to be ripped apart by this sort of vortex
The men are falling further into the time vortex hen they see a spaceship the spaceship is incredibly complex and below it is the black world of Mephta they can only see grey and black the world is being tortured by the spaceship and the population of the planet is dieing
SHERIFF:What is this?
TERRY:I can't make it out
SHERIFF:This must be an illusion I knew it Robin Hood as tricked us this is some sort of trap with fake versions of his men to lure us in Robin Hood might have finally defeated us
ADAM:What can you make out?
JOHN:All I can see is "Crit Warship Only Full Scale attacks worlds"
ADAM:What on Earth could that mean?
JOHN:I have no Idea
The men all start crumbling to pieces and are disintegrated into atoms
Robin Hood wakes up
ROBIN HOOD:What?Where has all this forest gone?Where are my men?All I can see are more white spaces no spaces nothing existent in them just white voids totally blank and this happened twice before what is going on?I need more sleep I keep seeing things which aren't there this is impossible
In a crashed pod like spaceship with half wrecked equipment
GREMLIN LEADER:Thank god this pod escaped
OTHER GREMLIN:I must warn you their is not long left to save our people they are dieing currently from the crits or something like that isn't it?
GREMLIN LEADER:That isn't their names for some reason I have forgotten it is Crit then their is three other letters after crit or something like that and then s for plural Crit letter letter letter s We'll me must get on
OTHER GREMLIN:We mustn't worry we know we will be successfull we always are and the third experiment has proved successful we have now removed one quarter of sherwood forest and soon we will be able to initiciate the final phase of our plan and transport all of our world and our people onto this position and we and our people shall surviveand this planet shall be thrown out of its orbit into the time vortex where it will disintigrate in about 10 minutes and We shall have it's sun and it's orbit to ourselves save from the crits and we will be able to rebuild our society to make it a better world than earth ever could be
GREMLIN LEADER:You are right we will shall suceed and save our race the crits will not be able to destroy our race ever and earth shall pay the price for our survival
Doctor Who Title Sequence
The Tardis lands in the forest
AMY:This doesn't feel right
THE DOCTOR:1188,Sherwood Forest,Nottingham,East Midlands,England,UK,Europe,Northern Hemisphere,Earth,Solar System,Milky Way,The Universe
AMY:You don't need the universe everythings in the universe
THE DOCTOR:No that's not right their are many different universes to name a few Hexipop,Prime,Dinosaurusine,Adraxica,Parallel Universe 1c,Quala,Wonderland
AMY:Why is our universe called the universe?
THE DOCTOR:Because it is the most central and easiest to get to
AMY:How many are there?
THE DOCTOR:On the timelords last count before they died three hundred and twenty one billion tweleve million ten thousand and nine hundred and sixty six but they where still discovering them about on average four thousand and twenty three a day so their should be more
AMY:But how can more be created the universe only lasts so long and you are onluy in one place so if you go into the future their would be more because thats how it works doesn't it doctor?
THE DOCTOR:No it doesn't Amy if parallel universes are created they will have been their since this universe
AMY:But time is in a straight flow isn't doctor?
THE DOCTOR:No Amy it is like big ball constantly changing
AMY:But how does that work their must be another timeline for this universe because lets see an event happens then you go their change the event then a alien then a bunch of monkeys their must be another timeline of change
THE DOCTOR:You know what how clever are you amy pond for a uman that is incredible and yes their is but it is really complicated and thts how i use the tardis thats what timeline they live in and what all time travellers libve in yoyu don't live in the same timeline as your aunt or anybodies timeline on earth apart from a few people you live in The Rassiloanian Omegarian Timeline Rassilon and Omega found that timeline and where able to break into it and thats how we time travel becaue of them because of this timeline
AMY:And they got their names on the timeline for it
THE DOCTOR:Oh yeah because they gave their lives for it both of them they both can't die because they have trapped time energy in them which they disturbed when they discovered time and created a link they don't even fully realise it but they are legends and I have just seen Rassilon the other day while you were swimming in the lakes of Darilite he has realised how wrong he was trying to destroy the universe and wants to see me again once this strange pandorica and bigger threat involving spaceship with invincible aliens battling pandorica is sorted out Anyway we better change topic
AMY:Was England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland in the uk in 1188 because you said Nottingham,East Midlands,UK
THE DOCTOR:No but I like to think they where Scotland joined with england in 1707 wales and ireland joined them in 1801 and then ireland split with northern ireland staying in the uk and the republic of ireland becoming a independent country in 1922
AMY:How do you remember all these things?You must be a great teacher
THE DOCTOR:I was on gallifrey but that was never enough teaching physics,maths,time and Biology I only taught four subjects
AMY:Doctor What is wrong?this feels wrong their seems to be no life in the forest none at all and where are the birds I love to hear them
THE DOCTOR:I agree this is very wrong too dispanded and where is robin hood or the sheriff of nottingham it seems to have just lost it's life it really has it is too dispanded and I love Sherwood Forest Dispanded Sherwood
AMY:Hello Anybody?By the way what does dispanded mean?
THE DOCTOR:The opposite of dispanded smaller too small for my liking
Robin Hood Wakes up again
AMY:ROBIN HOOD!!!Nice to meet you
Amy and the doctor shake robin hood's hands
ROBIN HOOD:I am sorry to disappoint you and you're lovely red headed gorgeous companion but it's not dispanded sherwood it's dispanding sherwood
THE DOCTOR:Is it still getting smaller and smaller?
ROBIN HOOD:3 times in the last few weeks parts of the forest have disappeared and when I look for them I see loads of white no spaces white voids
AMY:White Spaces?
ROBIN HOOD:Just blank spaces totally blank spaces with all it's past life cleanly removed
THE DOCTOR:I don't like the sound of that
AMY:Have you seen or heard anything suspicious?
ROBIN HOOD:I seen a blue headed impossible creature the size of a eight year old and its head was completly round
THE DOCTOR:And did this creature have unevenly circle shaped spots on its face,a green tongue and rotting brown and yellow skinwith very thin legs and arms
ROBIN HOOD:Yes all the information you said about the creature is true Have you seen this creature before like?
THE DOCTOR:Yes they are giglobsbut what are they doing?They are a very happy race that is how they got their name because they giggle a lot and they told the most strangest,funniest stories ever heard before and where one of the nicest races in this sector of the universe Why would they steal sherwood and keep dispanding sherwood making it more and more dispanded?
AMY;If they where desperate for something or where in trouble and where trying to survive?
THE DOCTOR:Possibly because the Giglobs are a very determined race nothing would stop them reaching their goals and keeping their race alive It is hard to imagine though
ROBIN HOOD:Recently I have seen strange spaceships fighting each other their was always this one spaceship at the centre of it all it was odly shaped with four ends and a middle section it sorted of looked like a spacestation but it kept on attacking other spaceships and worlds in every battle I have seen.It was incredibly designed and it has won every battle I have seen.Somehow the spaceships never come here,fournately.We swouldn't be able to defend ourselves if they did
THE DOCTOR:Where do you get all these words from?
ROBIN HOOD:I just think of them I sometimes right short stories of what I think these battles mean
AMY:I thought they didn't write in 1188?
ROBIN HOOD:I used to write in classes at school when I was a child and used to learn things at school , here in nottingham their are two types of schools for the rich and poor and I fight to close the gap by stealing off the rich and giving to the poor
THE DOCTOR:Yes i know you steal from the rich and give to the poor we all know who you are and what you do?
ROBIN HOOD:I am famous
AMY:Sort of and the sheriff of nottingham he's you're enemy isn't he What Happened to him?
ROBIN HOOD:I think he got taken with my men and his men by whatever is making them holes you said giglobs doctor didn't you?
THE DOCTOR:Yes I did but I still don't understand you shouldn't have schools this is too early for 1188 you really shouldn't have schools Unless...
AMY:Unless What?
THE DOCTOR:About 60% of the lifeforms in this special telepathic sector of the universe are telepathic and their telepathic signals must be transmitting into the minds of lifeforms around them subconciously gioving them a great need of urgency to do something to save themselves so the human race tries it's best to move on to stop the aliens that are attacking this sector subconciously and think of schools earlier than they should and spaceships and all these wonderful words.
How on earth are they defeating pandorica?
AMY:Where are all the cracks?I am really starting to think that argon really was telling the truth about what's happening
ROBIN HOOD:Look over there they are fighting again a world and a spaceship
AMY:I don't see anything doctor Can you?
THE DOCTOR:Yes I can interesting but how can you see it Robin Hood?
ROBIN HOOD:I was given medals and trophies for competions because of my incredible sight it helps me noone else I have seen could see these battles
THE DOCTOR:But you really must have exceptional eyesight I can see two hundred and fifty times further than any other human being all timelords can and I can just see it like a few dots into space but a little bigger
ROBIN HOOD:I can see the battle about the same size as the moon normally is I can see it incredibly clearly
THE DOCTOR:Well whatever is happening I don't like it whatever is happening up there and down here we must try and stop immediately
THE DOCTOR:Galron hello I haven't seen you since the bettles on the your homeworld Mephta
Thousands of Red Beetle like creatures with a blue massive infectious stinger attached to their back start swarming into a tower high up in the city of Radlop in Mephta
GALRON:What do we do?
THE DOCTOR:These are infectiouds bettles which are carrying a terrible space virus released from the moment which I used to end the time war We must find a predator something that will think of these beetles as prey and is big enough to contain and destroy the virus and not die from their stings or the virus
GALRON:A turlon
ROSE TYLER:What is a turlon?
GALRON:It is a green quickly adapting half crocodile half lion like creature which eat millions of beetles in one mouthful and a four times the length of humans and half the height and about four times the widgth of humans and has blue teeth and a purple tongue and could easily kill them all and contain the virus and they eat beetles similar to that too but how do we attract one?
THE DOCTOR:Get a beetle like thing and pour some beetle blood on it
GALRON:How are we going to get that?
ROSE TYLER:Don't worry the doctor has some beetles and beetle blood in his pockets i really don't know how he fits it all in his pockets It is like a tardis in there
The doctor pulls out some beetles and pours beetle blood all over them and throws them at the tower
THE DOCTOR:And Rose I have got to tell you this I haven't got a clue how I fit all my stuff in my pockets and this turlon I know it is going to be Fantastic
ROSE TYLER:Right so When will the Turlon be able to detect it
GALRON:Prety soon because they have incredible noses
A pack of Turlons appear and follow the blood to the tower and start climbing it
More and more turlons can be seen sniffing around and jumping on the tower
THE DOCTOR:I think you will find the virus not very effective now but some more giglobs will die because their is no cure but it will fully die out in a few days because the only transmitter of the disease, the beetles, are dead Giglobs and everything else can die from the disease or get infected but can't transmit it
ROSE TYLER:You can't always save everyone
GALRON:I agree goodbye doctor but what where them beetles exactly?where did they come from?
THE DOCTOR:Xipholos they thrive in wars they come from skaro and where created by the war between the thals and the kaleds the war forced many insects to become extinct,many to adapt and many new species's to be created but the time war happened and I used the moment to ends it all and made them almost extinct now I think the turlons have made them fully extinct but their may be a few left somewhere
GALRON:Goodbye Doctor!!!
ROSE TYLER:I hope we see you again!!!
The Tardis Dematerilses
End of Flashback Scene
GREMLIN LEADER:I am not called galron names are not needed anymore as long as we survive and by the way our race will be changing our spiecies soon we are not giiglers anymore so the name no longer applies I think our race should be called Rud-aleks
AMY:The Doctor said you where a peaceful race why are you doing this?
GREMLIN LEADER:For the survival of our race
The Doctor,Amy and Robin Hood wake up to find themselves tied up in the giglobs crashed pod
THE DOCTOR:What are you doing?
OTHER GREMLIN:Setting our technology for the final phase Earth shall fall into the time vortex and this position this sun this orbit this atmosphere shall be ours
AMY:You Can't thats not fair stealing of another planet's community to benefit yours
THE DOCTOR:You can't do this you don't need to do this I can take you somewhere better and you can live in peace there you don't need to steal this positon and send earth into the time vortex
GREMLIN LEADER:Set up the Tierlinary conductor
GREMLIN LEADER:Our world is dieing doctor we are the only lifeforms alive on the planet even micro organisms are struggling to survive We need to do this for our race and we will definetly not be keeping the name Giglobs no way we will become Rud-aleks We want to be shown as a powerful race not a giggling race a race that will not be defeated by anything
AMY:What are they doing?
ROBIN HOOD:Replacing Earth with Mephta Their is no hope for us now
THE DOCTOR:Stop this you can't succeed
GREMLIN LEADER:HA HA HA!!!This world shall soon be taken by the time vortex and replaced by our planet we always survive
OTHER GREMLIN:I can even hear our planet Mephta bleeding through
Gremlins can be seen on the planet bleeding through
GREMLIN MOTHER:It is working they have suceeded the spaceship is fading we are going to be safe again
GREMLIN CHILD:Look mother the new atmosphere sun it is perfect we will be able to rebuild our society through this excellent position
GREMLIN MOTHER:I know little one and you are right we shall build a new world from this wonderful orbit,sun and atmosphere.It shall be spectacular
In the forest and all over nottingham people can be seen screaming and running as they look up in the sky and see large pink clouds steaming from the forest bleeding the reality of mephta over earth and pushing it into the time vortex
THE DOCTOR:You don't need any of this you can go somewhere else and be left alone by the rest of the uniersesomewhere totally safe and perfect I can take you there.I understand that Earth's Position is the only safe place in this sector but I can take you further to the other side of the universe because I have a spaceship and it is very big big enough to fit all you're people inside Just listen to me and consider it because you are making a big mistake a terrible mistake Trust Me I am The Doctor
GREMLIN LEADER:We will not be fooled that easily by you're stupid lies you are not to be trusted you are too sworn to earth and will do anything to save the planet and you are too doctorish for my liking
The Gremlin leader opens the pod while the other gremlin is working on the tierlinary conductor
GREMLIN LEADER:Look Doctor a perfect position and it shall be stolen very soon perfect atmosphere,orbit and sun and look what happens when my friend presses the final button PRESS IT!!! this shall all become ours and the human race shall die out on a world robbed of atmosphere and sun and fallung into the time vortex
The sky starts to go completely pink and the equipment starts firing up properly into the final phase of the tierlinary conductor and both worlkds can be seen flickering constantly and five grey clouds can be seen forming making it rain since of the enviormental disturbances.Earth starts disapeering more and more with only mainly Mephta in sight and slight flickering with the earth
ROBIN HOOD:What about this pod will this stay in the same position?
THE DOCTOR:Yes it has stabilizers and they can control the effects of the tierlinary conductor in here so in theory this pod muststay with the world it is transmitting onto the position
The Doctor starts trying to untie the ropes and is struggling to reach his sonic screwdriver to untie the ropes
AMY:What are you doing doctor?
THE DOCTOR:Trying to get my sonic screwdriver
AMY:Does that work on rope?
THE DOCTOR(Whispering):Yes but Don't tell them
GREMLIN LEADER:15 14 13 12
OTHER GREMLIN:We Shall Suceed in 9 8 7 6
The Doctor gets his sonic screwdriver and puts it against the rope
The Doctor Jumps for the core of the Tierlinary Conductor at the same time as
The Machine Blows up and the earth returns to normal the doctor and the giglobs fall back and the doctor sonics amy and robin hood's ropes and ties up the giglobs
The Doctor,Amy and Robin Hood head up to the Forest
ROBIN HOOD:What do I do now?No sheriff No merrymen?
AMY:You have support King John may still get the throne and try and stop whoever he sends after you this this probably the new sheriff of Nottingham
AMY:Goodbye Robin Hood
ROBIN HOOD:Thank You for saving us doctor
THE DOCTOR:It was an Honour
The Doctor is about to step in the tardis with the two giglobs when
ROBIN HOOD:Where are you going?
AMY:We are going to their homeworld Mephta to save them and give them a new home
ROBIN HOOD:I am sure you will succeed
The Doctor and Amy step inside the tardis with the giglobs and it dematerialises
ROBIN HOOD:I am sure I have heard that noise before anyway no merrymen no sheriff well what do I do next I must protect the loyal king and we shall build a new kingdom together one that supports both the rich and the poor
In the Tardis the Giglobs Wake Up
GREMLIN LEADER:You don't Understand you have ended our chances of saving our species
THE DOCTOR:I think I am just about to increase them
GREMLIN LEADER:What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR:Saving you're race
THE DOCTOR:Stay here Amy and untie them while I rescue you're them
The doctor runs out avoiding firing from the spaceship above and
THE DOCTOR:Hurry come inside
All the Giglobs run in the Tardis
THE DOCTOR:Is this all their's left of you now?
GREMLIN:Their is only about one hundred thousand of us now
THE DOCTOR:By the way I am sorry for what happened but sometimes these things can't be avoided but now I am going to find you a new home away from that spaceship
The Doctor opens the doors to a incredible world
THE DOCTOR:Sparina wonderful world one of my favourites pink atmosphere and brown muddy soil very like Mephta was always meant to look like with flying purple dragons who breath out very dark red fire and have yellow wings which are called Darrilows
and all you could ever want a perfect habitat for your species
GREMLIN LEADER:Thank you doctor How can we repay you?
THE DOCTOR:Change you're name back to Galron and keep giglobs as the name of your species and giggle a lot
OTHER GIGLOB:This is fantastic this better than earth could have been for a position and better than we could have made Mephta
THE DOCTOR:I told you to trust me
GALRON:Thank You doctor
THE DOCTOR:Remember to be happy and giggle when I see you next I want to hear good things not bad things
AMY:Come On Come On get out their and enjoy
The Giglobs run out and The Doctor and Amy leave in the tardis and are flying in space when
On the Grotchel
MARTIN:How long can we keep the passengers of this crew from finding out the truth about us?
LIAM:Until we reach our mother this universe is getting dangerous she needs a good feed we will give ourselves to her
MARTIN:Do you think the passengers will realise in time
LIAM:No they are too stupid
They notice the tardis flying by
LIAM:Oh no
MARTIN:What is it?
LIAM:The Tardis this is a machine used by the doctor he is a enemy of us he must be destroyed
MARTIN:What did he do?
LIAM:He destroyed one of us on earth at least we have got a perfect chance for payback now the doctor shall be destroyed
MARTIN:Should I fire?
LIAM:Fire Now
MARTIN:The enemy is firing back
LIAM:That is too be expected keep firing
MARTIN:Firing more Photo9n Beams
LIAM:Well Done!!!
The Tardis Explodes
LIAM:Now nothing can stop us reaching the mother and feeding this crew to her
MARTIN:I am looking forward
LIAM:Search for life signs he may alive in the wreckage
MARTIN:Doing it now
LIAM:Any life signs
LIAM:The Doctor Is Dead
To Be Continued...
The Season will now take a mid season break and this cliffhanger will sure keep you waiting it will only be for about a month probably.
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