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Doctor Who-Changing the Past

The Orange Cloud of Orlord Energy is about to consume The Doctor,Amy and the tardis when...
THE DOCTOR:Can you let me speak a little before we perish at the hands of your mighty race because I have an important fact you need to know and you know we definitely can't escape so you may aswell lets us speak
ORLORD LEADER:Go on then but when you do we will advance and consume you
THE DOCTOR:You should have checked my pockets before I left the tardis because I
put very important things in them things which I haven't needed since Pompeii and trust me without them more than the whole city would have gone up in a volcano I didn't need them that much on that occasion anyway but I really do need them this time
AMY:What have you got in your pockets doctor?
THE DOCTOR:Water Pistols
AMY:How did they all fit in your pocket
THE DOCTOR:I added a bit of tardis technology inside them which made them bigger in the inside
ORLORD LEADER:A silly old toy doctor explain their significance
THE DOCTOR:Well first this asteroid is very hot very very hot yes
THE DOCTOR:So hot everything is steaming up into space very very hot boiling so hot I shouldn't have brought my jacket
ORLORD LEADER:Explain this significance now Doctor
The Doctor starts moving round moving his hands when he starts talking
THE DOCTOR:This asteroid is so hot that water from these pistols evaporates into water vapour and that substance can slow down Orlords
The Doctor starts firing more and more water at the Orlords making them retreat with them losing some of the energy and the doctor and Amy run into the tardis as the doctor gives the pistols to Amy so she can constantly fire at the Orlords while the doctor sets the controls on the tardis and then
THE DOCTOR:Come in Amy all set
Amy closes the doors and the tardis dematerialises with the Orlord Energy covering over the tardis just after it had fully dematerialised
Doctor Who Title Sequence
ORLORD LEADER:This is unacceptable they have escaped how have we lets this happen
ORLORD:Now what do we do?
ORLORD LEADER:What we do next is very very simple even for you Orlord we follow them
ORLORD LEADER:Use the time energy tracer which picks up the trail we can not risk losing them
ORLORD LEADER:We must catch them they risk our ruling of the entire universe
ALL ORLORDS:The Entire Universe shall be ours we shall be the only lifeforms to have ever existed in the universe
AMY:How did that work?
THE DOCTOR:Well the Orlords are a lot of sort of gas type energy on the same sort of level yes have you got me Amy
AMY:Yes doctor carry on
THE DOCTOR:Well the asteroid was so hot the water evaporated instantly into water vapour and imagine Orlords like fire energy but they are not exactly like fire they are also in gas form so like fire in gas form the water had to be in gas form to equal the connection and it is like water to fire it doesn't always work quickly but it slows them down Unfounately I didn't have Gallons of It but it slowed them down and let us escape
AMY:So all we need to do is get Gallons of water brilliant we can use that to defeat them so the universe will be safe after all I knew you would come up with a clever idea to save us all you always do
THE DOCTOR:It is not exactly like fire and water the water only has a very small effect just enough for us to use to escape from them and the Orlords are growing in strength ever minute so approximately in five minutes the water will have no effect on them at all
AMY:Never mind so what do we do keep on flying endlessly through the time vortex
THE DOCTOR:No that was never part of the plan
AMY:What is the plan then?
THE DOCTOR:We go back to the past and stop the Sardines and Walheads ever gaining trust in him in Chief Malrun will be vulnerable they will have only just joined together so I should easily be able to proof to them that he is an Orlord
AMY:Easy Peasy lemon Squeezey then it always is with you
THE DOCTOR:No I am sorry Amy it is never that easy with anything in the life of a time traveller The Orlords will be following us every step of the way and they can edit time Amy So with the Timetracks in the time Vortex we will find Olopp in the past a little bit different than it should be and the Orlords will be chasing us
AMY:Oh well this is all normal for you isn't it?
THE DOCTOR:I totally agree GERONIMO!!!
AMY:Doctor why is the tardis on fire?
THE DOCTOR:It is because a load of Orlords are chasing us through the time vortex all the Orlords can't fit in with the tardis so the time vortex is spliting apart and we are all being crushed luckily the tardis is keeping us safe
AMY:Will the tardis be ripped apart soon?
THE DOCTOR:Hopefully not
The Tardis crash lands in a forest infested with killer Cyan coloured birds with small extremely sharp teeth called Valtroise
THE DOCTOR:We need to give her a rest for a while
AMY:Doctor Is your Machine Alive because you called it her
THE DOCTOR:Yes totally unfortunately she is malfunctioning she always finds the right spot to land anyway near right spot and it is definitely not safe watch out Amy their might be Valtroise in these forests.
AMY:What are Valtroise?
THE DOCTOR:Trust me you don't want to to do or ever find out if you you might just die
AMY:Doctor look how are their like white spaces in the forest
THE DOCTOR:It is a disturbance form the time vortex
Amy looks above
AMY:Doctor duck
The killer bird like Valtroise fly just above their heads leaving both of them pretty much unharmed apart from a tiny bit of Amy's neck where one of the birds was able to peck a little bit of skin off
AMY:OW!!! Was that the Valtroise?
THE DOCTOR:Yes and they are very deadly and every day they wake up they are starving so we need to move on quickly these creatures normally eat 10 humanoids each everyday in a pack of a 1000
AMY:So they hunt 10000 humanoids a day What do you mean by humanoids?
THE DOCTOR:Basic human form most people on this planet aren't human so mainly sardines and Walheads just basic human form same size and same parts head,arms,legs and feet excreta
AMY:All very interesting
The pack of birds group together on the branches then they come of the branches and attack a unconcentrated Amy
THE DOCTOR:What do I do?
AMY:Do something doctor I am going to be ripped to shreads soon
The Doctor plays a disturbing whistle and the birds fly away
THE DOCTOR:They shouldn't flown that far away
AMY:I think it wasn't the whistling that scared them away it was the Orlords
ORLORD LEADER:I can them and Amy is injured Easy Peasy meals for us and we will bring down the doctor aswell bring them to me Orlords
ORLORD:Yes leader I obey
AMY:AAAAARGH!!! My clothes are ripped doctor
THE DOCTOR:Don't mind about your clothes their are more important things to think about for example the Orlords who just about have control of the entire universe and soon they will have the whole of time and space under their control so think about the Orlords Amy not anything else at the moment is needed to be thought about is that crystal clear?
AMY:Very clear doctor Doctor you really need to look over there
THE DOCTOR:The Orlords are coming
AMY:I Think we should run Doctor
The Doctor and Amy pond run down a tunnel which used to be a mine and is pitch black.
Where Wolvians who have had nothing to eat for months wait Wolvians are Wolf like creatures with faint red bodies 10 times the height and width as humans with one million multi-coloured teeth two times larger than humans and their teeth are also thousand times sharper than Piranha Teeth
THE DOCTOR:I can sense something Amy be quiet we may have company
AMY:Look over there doctor what are they?
THE DOCTOR:Wolvians be careful Amy If one of their teeth gets into you're skin you are dead and so am I
AMY:How many teeth are there in total?
THE DOCTOR:Ten thousand Wolvians approximately approximately one million teeth each about ten billion
AMY:Doctor they are grouping up how are we going to stop them there are too many teeth
THE DOCTOR:Look Orlords
THE DOCTOR:I think we should start running very fast again
AMY:Yes I agree
The doctor and Amy run out with Orlords following them and they cover the entrance to the tunnel with more and more wood and keep it steady
AMY:Will that stop them?
THE DOCTOR:Nothing stops Orlords they will be able to get through the wood in two minutes so we need to keep moving
The Doctor and Amy run off into the horizon and the wood topples over as the Orlords escape and start chasing them
In a meeting in the council hall South to the Great Olopp Beach
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):Now I have developed abilities which can transfer information by me sniffing my nose
THE DOCTOR:He is not Chief Malrun anymore He has been taken over and he just wants to feast on this Scrotel a green Pig like criminal with pink millimetre teeth and it is not much of a feast so don't bother
AMY:So did Malrun come here and try to feast and feast until he found the right one
THE DOCTOR:Yes he tried and tried to bring the Orlords back and then Captain Jack came that was enough to bring them all storming back into existence and trust me you do not want that to happen
SCROTCEL:I am a normal criminal who stole some vodka from earth and he is a normal sardine called Malrun stop wasting my time and interrupting the meeting
AMY:To prove that he is a deadly alien I will let the doctor play some notes on his piano which he somehow fitted in his pockets
WALHEAD DELEGATE:What happened to you?
SCROTCEL: Will you just get on with the Meeting I want my Dinner
THE DOCTOR:If the people at this meeting don't believe he is an alien and allow him to hypnotise them then you are not going to have any Meals ever again
CHIEF MALRUN:In answer to you're question Walhead it is pretty obvious what happened to her She will have been attacked by those Valtroise things in the forest very deadly creatures which hunt in packs and can easily kill you she was lucky to escape
The Doctor Plays very loud notes on his piano I perfect orders which should bring the Orlord Energy out of him and this makes Chief Malrun to keep on vomiting Purple Frogs
THE DOCTOR:This is not right at all the Orlord Energy should have came straight out of him not purple frogs Which means only thing A very very Terrible Thing
AMY:What Doctor?What is it?
THE DOCTOR:This timeline must have been edited by the Orlords Oh dear we only have one option left now we need to get back to the tardis
AMY:It is too dangerous back that way Orlords,Wolvians and Valtroise
THE DOCTOR:No Amy it is not dangerous at all the orlord energy will have moved from that area now and they will have feasted on all them poor unfournate creatures Come on Amy back to the Tardis
AMY:You have been good company I hope we see you all again
CHIEF MALRUN (SARDINE):And remember doctor I am not an Orlord I don't want to be part of any of that stuff
SCROTCEL:He is right Doctor and Malrun shall guarantee peace for us all
Amy and The Doctor Leave the meeting and start running back to the Tardis
CHIEF MALRUN (SARDINE):My people the Orlords you exist I thought you had all been trapped
Chief Malrun transforms into Orlord Energy and the Orlords Start Eating him up
ORLORD MALRUN:You can't eat me I am Orlord AAAAARGH!!!
SCROTCEL:The Doctor was right after all and I really think he is right I won't ever have anymore meals in my life AAAAARGH!!!
Orlords absorb Scrotcel and then all the other delegates in the meeting
ORLORD LEADER:How have you not got them yet?I am very disappointed at our performance Orlord we need that energy I need to consume The Doctor and Amy they will be such great meals they are time travellers I must eat them up all their life essence must be mine.
ORLORD:We have lost them
ORLORD LEADER:This is extremely poor for an Orlord Do I have to kill you? and find a replacement?
ORLORD:No leader
ORLORD LEADER:Then make sure you find them
ORLORD:Yes Leader
ORLORD LEADER:If you fail to capture them I Promise you I will execute you
Is that understood?
ORLORD:Yes Leader
ORLORD LEADER:Where are they?Find where they are Immediately
ORLORD:Searching for time traces traces negative readings suggest they are still on the planet
ORLORD LEADER:Hunt them down and bring me them alive so I can feast I will not be satisfied until I have ate them All their Life Energy shall be mine to consume
ORLORD:Yes leader
ORLORD LEADER:The Doctor and Amelia Jessica Pond shall have their energies consumed by me when you bring me them so I can consume them What tasty meals they will be I can not miss out on that meal.I won't ever forget that meal once I am able to eat them
THE DOCTOR:Get in the Tardis Now
THE DOCTOR:The Orlords are approaching We must escape before they can consume our life energy
AMY:Well we must be fast then
THE DOCTOR:Come on in
AMY:Alright Doctor
They get in the Tardis and it dematerialises Just before the Orlords Reach the area
ORLORD LEADER:What has happened?
ORLORD:They have gone of the scanner range Leader
ORLORD LEADER:You have Failed You're mission you shall be consumed
ORLORD:Please Don't Leader You don't have To do this I beg for Mercy Leader Please
ORLORD LEADER:You have betrayed us You're failures could help the Doctor stop us I will now consume you
Orlord Leader consumes Orlord
ORLORD LEADER:You Shall be the replacement
ORLORD:I am proud to accept your offer Leader I will immediately try to get the scanners online So we can stop whatever they are planning because whatever they are planning they will be planning to destroy proper existence of us and we can't let that happen
ALL ORLORDS:We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!We Must Feast on the Doctor!!!
THE DOCTOR:I am able to block their systems of detecting us for a few minutes with this special tardis system I have discovered but as ever with the Orlords they always are able to work out how to stop things in a few minutes
AMY:So we have a little breathing space
THE DOCTOR:Yes I suppose we do Amy
AMY:Where are we travelling to doctor?
THE DOCTOR:The Medusa Cascade
THE DOCTOR:It always makes me imagine,it somehow gives me ideas and it is so so beautiful you will love it
The Tardis Arrives and Starts Floating across the Cascade
THE DOCTOR:You will love it Amy look outside but don't fall out we haven't landed it is a Constellation of Stars with a hidden space time rift which I closed ages ago it has reopened many times and I closed it again and again every time
Amy opens the doors and then starts smiling
AMY:Oh that is wonderful it is so so beautiful We are definitely not letting this be consumed by Orlords.
THE DOCTOR:No way Got any Ideas Amy?
AMY:No Sorry Doctor
THE DOCTOR:Changing the Past never seems to be very successful with Orlords
AMY:You can never find the right point
THE DOCTOR:No and the Orlords have manifested themselves into the past aswell so when you arrive events could have already been changed and their seems no way of starving them again like I did before.
AMY:Their is always some way of stopping enemies we just have to think
THE DOCTOR:Now lets lower the criteria of where we could go We have the past,the present and the future At the present moment we can't defeat the Orlords and in the future they will have total control so their is no point going their so we have the past what do we have in the past
AMY:We have you when you were Six stopping the Orlords
THE DOCTOR:That won't stopping their current plans though
AMY:Just think if you defeat the Orlords you might have to save the daleks too
THE DOCTOR:I never thought I would end up saving the Daleks but we just might have to to stop the Orlords from controlling the universe from start to finish
AMY:The Doctor saving The Daleks
THE DOCTOR:The Daleks are never quite defeated ever unfortunately always their to be my constant rivals across the universe forever
AMY:Can we go back in time and snatch the daleks and use them to fight the Orlords
THE DOCTOR:Use The Daleks?Well their are two major problems with that problem one I doubt we would get them to agree and we would probably end up exterminated and problem two The Orlords destroyed them in seconds they don't stand a chance against the Orlords not strong enough to defeat them
AMY:Good Point Doctor
ORLORD:We have located them
ORLORD LEADER:Excellent The Doctor and Amy you shall soon be mine to feast on
ORLORD:We are now following them We will soon have them for you to feast on
ORLORD LEADER:Well Done You have not disappointed me Orlord
ORLORD:The Tension is unbearable Leader The only minor thing that could ever stop us is about to be defeated
ORLORD LEADER:And they shall be all mine to feast on
ORLORD:We have sighted them
ORLORD LEADER:Fantastic Speed on Full Speed
ORLORD:Leader This has certainly been some excellent asteroid we were able to arrive on which the doctor unfortunately escaped us on and they shall soon be yours leader
ORLORD LEADER:I suppose we don't really need this asteroid to travel on It doesn't speed us up all it does is let us plant our equipment follow directions into the right place and have very comfy seats
ORLORD:Very Comfy Seats
THE DOCTOR:We will have to be very fast in making a decision now they are almost close enough to consume us now
AMY:Could we not do something close to the time of you defeating the Orlords when you were six?
THE DOCTOR:Nothing Close to that would give us some chance to stop them
THE DOCTOR:The Orlords are broadcasting turn on the scanners Amy
AMY:Doing it now
Amy turns on the scanners and The Orlord Leader
ORLORD LEADER:Doctor I am incredibly pleased to see you
THE DOCTOR: I am extremely angry to see you
ORLORD LEADER:Just think in a few minutes you will be all mine to feast on you're life essence will be consumed by Orlord Energy and just make this very clear our energy is easily capable of destroying you're tardis don't waste you're energy Just Surrender now to the Orlords Doctor and you and you're companion can have brilliant deaths doctor I order you to give yourself to me
THE DOCTOR:Don't so greedy Orlord Leader You can't get all the privileges share the energy with the other Orlords they should all have some when the consume me but understand this I will never surrender to get you're much wanted life energy you are going to have to get the life energy that I know you are desperate to consume
AMY:You are stupid creatures only here to kill You should of never been created
ORLORD LEADER:You Shall Show respect to me Useless Human
AMY:Why should I have too give you respect?
ORLORD LEADER:Because I am the Orlord Leader but I have to say you're description is accurate apart from the fact that we should have not been created.We are proud to be such good killers and look at the delicious meals we achieve since of our excellent killing techniques and ruthlessness.
AMY:But it is evil you should be friends with different races not consume them think of the friends you could make and you could see all sorts if you travelled the universe
ORLORD LEADER:In your terms We are Racist We only care about ourselves everything else is dumb,stupid and tasty
AMY:I don't like racists so I don't like you
AMY:Doctor I have an Idea
THE DOCTOR:We better turn off the screen so they can't hear us
AMY:Goodbye for Now Orlord Leader
The Doctor turns off the Screen
AMY:We could go back to the first building blocks of the universe and you said the Orlords Where the first things to be created in the universe and you said that if someone could stop that event or change it they could control the universe
THE DOCTOR:What a brilliant idea Amy Pond We will have to be quick and we will have to destroy the Orlords from every existing we have no choice
The Doctor turns the Screen on again
THE DOCTOR:I have got to say it is nice to you again
ORLORD LEADER:I agree it is very nice to meet you too aswell So I presume you have decided to talk to me about surrendering and a make some nice meals for me
AMY:No We have decided to show you that we are not dumb at all We are much more Clever than you and that shall be you're downfall you may know everything about the universe but you don't know how to use knowledge and you don't understand knowledge like we do
The Doctor starts flicking switches
ORLORD LEADER:Where are you going?
AMY:Nowhere near you
Tardis Dematerialises
ORLORD LEADER:Concentrate Orlord Follow Therm Immediately Orlord You Are letting them escape
ORLORD:We can't at this current moment we can not find the trace I am trying my hardest leader
ORLORD LEADER:I expect more from you I need my dinner
ORLORD:Searching Leader
THE DOCTOR:Here we are the building blocks for creation
Amy opens the Doors
AMY:Why is it all white with a small black dot
THE DOCTOR:It is a no space it is like a blank videotape you can't go much further back than this and fall into it and you will be taken out of ever probably existing you will exist but no one will know you will have ever existed you will be trapped in white space for eternity you wouldn't have a body you would just have a soul trapped in no space anyway I have got to start working the Orlords will be chasing us Close the doors Amy
AMY:What is the black dot doctor?
THE DOCTOR:It is creation starting to create life and destroy the no space it will grow bigger and bigger and the white space will go smaller and smaller with it the balance of creation
AMY:Closing the doors now doctor
Amy Closes the Doors of the Tardis
AMY:How are you going to stop the Orlords being created?
THE DOCTOR:I am going to get the Tardis to transmit Cosmic Blueane Anti-Life Radiation it will last ten days and then creation will take a different path and the big bang will be created and everything will happen like we all want and I will never need to do what I did what I was Six and The Universe will be Safe
AMY:And the Orlords will have never existed
THE DOCTOR:Yes and this can never ever be changed Amy Pond our whole adventure we had will have never existed
THE DOCTOR:Hold Down that lever,press that down and bash that part as hard as you can until I say Stop
AMY:I Have got the levers and switches in the positions
The Doctor Whizzes around the console and then
THE DOCTOR:Stop Now!!!
AMY:I have stopped Now
THE DOCTOR:Well Done Amy Couldn't Do anything like this without you
AMY:You have to feel sorry for what we are about to do to the Orlords
THE DOCTOR:It is either the Orlords or the rest of creation I can't save them no other way
AMY:Are we ready to destroy the Orlords?
THE DOCTOR:We have a signal on the screen turning it on now
Doctor turns on screen
AMY:It is the Orlords
ORLORD LEADER:Stop right There We have teleported a bomb inside you're tardis while you were so busy you wouldn't have noticed and it is protected with a strong paradox stronger than creation and only we know how to stop it
THE DOCTOR:Would you take a bet?
ORLORD LEADER:I would you are not clever enough to stop it and We have activated it you,you're companion and you're tardis will never have ever existed if you defy us and activate it then you will die
AMY:You're Bluffing
THE DOCTOR:Even if their was a bomb and we didn't set off the radiation you would
never ever tell us how to stop the bomb
THE DOCTOR:Search for a bomb Amy now
ORLORD LEADER:Will you call off you futile attempt to stop us from ever existing in the universe?
AMY:Doctor I have found the Bomb
THE DOCTOR:Through it over quickly and carefully
AMY:Here it comes doctor
The Doctor Catches the Bomb Perfectly
THE DOCTOR:I will definitely not stop my radiation this is a very simple bomb for me to stop
ORLORD LEADER:It will activate in Approximately one minute You can never defeat us doctor and I must thank my assistant Orlord for setting up this excellent bomb Well Done Orlord and get ready to activate now
ORLORD:Yes Leader
ALL ORLORDS:The Doctor,His Companion and His Tardis shall be wiped out of ever existing forever
AMY:Doctor we are never going to have never existed if that bomb goes off
THE DOCTOR:Pass the Screwdriver
AMY:Throwing it(Pause) NOW!!!
The Doctor Catches the Sonic Screwdriver Perfectly
The Doctor Sonics Part of the Bomb and it opens to sow two orange incredibly shiny crystals
THE DOCTOR:We have a choice
THE DOCTOR:Two Green Crystals We will make the bomb go off immediately by picking one of them and if we pick the other we deactivate it
AMY:We have had more than one minute they must be having problems
THE DOCTOR:They lied a bit but it will go out in 30 seconds it says on the Digital Timer
AMY:Choose the left one now doctor
Amy looks up rubbing her hands in tension and excitement smiling as if she was sure of what would happen
The Doctor picks the left one and the digital timer reverts to zero and all the power fades away off the bomb
AMY:I love this crystal Can I keep it?
THE DOCTOR:I am sorry you won't be able to do It will disappear when we destroy the Orlords anything linked to them will because they will have never existed
AMY:Never Mind
ORLORD LEADER:What has happened?
THE DOCTOR:We deactivated you're bomb and now you shall all die and never have existed
ORLORD LEADER:Doctor you can't do this to me
THE DOCTOR:I Have no choice
The Doctor And Amy Hold hands and press the button on the tardis together
ORLORD LEADER:Doctor remember you are worse than us you took us out of existence
All the Orlords disappear forever existing and The Doctor and Amy can still Remember What Happened and they end up on a beach with Captain Jack who can also remember. The events they still remember haven been erased from history
THE DOCTOR:You know what we need to do don't you Jack and Amy?
The Doctor,Captain Jack and Amy Pond head up to the the council hall for a meeting with Sardines and Walheads
In a meeting in the council hall South to the Great Olopp Beach
THE DOCTOR:Now Walheads the Sardines have been here 10,000 years haven't they you have to be fair they deserve to live here as much as you do
WALHEAD DELEGATE:We need the land though
AMY:So do the sardines
CHIEF MALRUN (SARDINE):Come on though we do live here you can't just kick us out
CAPTAIN JACK:Exactly how does the fact the Walheads have lived here longer make them better than the sardines they have lived here 10,000 years that is long enough you both should agree that it is fair if both races can live here in peace
5 minutes later
ADAN MALROON (WALHEAD):I Now must make the decision we have all been not wanting to make Walheads and Sardines need to stand together as a planet we can't be nasty to each other No one can claim this planet Sardine or Walhead We need to join together and use our skills to attract more and more people to our planet and mark this planet to be a very happy place to be on the top universal tourist places like it used to be before we started losing our community hold and I must thank The Doctor,Amy Pond and Captain Jack Harkness because without them nothing would be possible
The Doctor,Amy and Captain Jack shake hands with the Walheads and the Sardines
At the Alien bar
CAPTAIN JACK:I am back at the bar I only went to Earth because of the Nestene Conciousness threat to the planet and I had to make sure that it didn't prevail because if it did I wouldn't have ever existed and then I get eaten by an Orlord and then I end up on a beach on Olopp the same planet I was on before I was eaten Anyway until next time Doctor and I promise not to do any flirting anymore
THE DOCTOR:Goodbye Jack and definitely no flirting ever I will be coming to arrest you if I find out you have flirted
The Doctor and Captain Jack start laughing and hug each other
AMY:What do you think about the Orlords?
THE DOCTOR:They had to be ripped out of existence for all this to be possible
AMY:How come we always remember when we shouldn't?
THE DOCTOR:I think it is down to magic how we remember
AMY:I feel sorry for them a little
THE DOCTOR:They didn't deserve to be wiped out of entire existence ever but all the destruction and hate they stood for was all totally wrong so in a way they deserved to have punishment for their crimes but not the punishment they got but I couldn't have not took them out of existence it was the Orlords or the whole of proper creation would have never happened so I had no choice
AMY:Well at least you can be certain they won't turn up again because no one in the universe even knows they ever existed and you said that the start of creation has had so many changes it is now pretty much a fixed point in time
THE DOCTOR:I hope for all our sakes it will become one and become unchangeable
AMY:Where too next?
THE DOCTOR:Let the tardis decide
The doctor and Amy go in the tardis and it dematerialises
A heavily armoured alien Comes into the bar and sits with a slitheen
ALIEN:Have you got the attracting device?
SLITHEEN:Yes Have you got 10,000 Raxos
ALIEN:Yes I have Here you go
SLITHEEN:Here is the attracting device
ALIEN:Thank You very much
The Pair shake hands and the slitheen leaves to go to order some vodka at the bar and the alien can be seen on the phone
ALIEN:Now I have this I will be able to attract aliens to earth to be our prey it shall be funny killing aliens who think they are the only invaders
OTHER ALIEN:I Have ripped the pages out and I am sending you them by Spacepost so you can keep them save
ALIEN:It is just a safety measure if anyone found those they could defeat us especially since rumours are going around about a hero called the doctor better safe than sorry
OTHER ALIEN:I agree Goodbye

End Titles

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  1. Once again, a really brilliant episode! My favourite parts were the Doctor using his water pistol again to frighten the Orlords, and also when the Orlords all chanted “We must feast on the Doctor!”

    I also liked the reference to comfy seats and the Medusa Cascade.