Sunday, 18 April 2010

Victory of the Daleks Review

What an episode?I personally watched it about half past eleven and it was a cracker throw the eleventh hour and the beast below in the bin this was the best by a massive amount although I thought Karen and Matt acted worse than the eleventh hour and the beast below and is it just me or does the series seem a bit quiet at least the daleks were noisy.The best bits of this remarkable episode were In first position the massive shock at about 14 minutes in I was thinking the daleks would be sneaky until about 30 minutes in when a massive revelation was revealed I am sorry Moffat and Gatiss but you both must have been half asleep at the time when you said the revelation was at half an hour in it was 14 minutes in!!!In second position was the daleks escaping.In third position was the new daleks appearing and killing the other daleks.In fourth position was a dalek killing loads of ships.In fifth position was the always lovely "doctor" from the daleks.In sixth position was the massive fight with the dalek ship.Their was an immense about of quality in this story their was two things I didn't like about the story was first the dalek threat ended about 35 minutes into the episode way to early and again the episode run 42 mins and 43 seconds and it had an extra trailer which would make it as long as the beast below which means that both episodes only have about 40 minutes of drama in them please stop this Moffat yes 65 minutes for the first episode but this is getting ridiculous.
What i am looking forward to in the next episode:
1.River Songs Entry
2.The doctor's reaction to seeing river song
3.The Byzantium
4.Alfava Metraxis
5.Weeping Angels
6.Amy facing a deadlier attack
7. the pausing and repausing of the weeping angels

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