Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Eleventh Hour Review

A little late anyway the episode started of decent with a load of comedic moments with the doctor spilling out a lot foods which he said he liked.He finally chose fish fingers and custard.Well a brilliant episode varying in a lot of areas like comedy,strange close ups,monsters,flashbacks,action and you were just amazed totally amazed.You have got to be sorry for Amy pond waiting 14 years for her dream adventures in time and space.Matt Smith acted magnificently and made the other actors look like amateurs.The companion a good performance from Karen Gillan nothing special but looking promising.The monster prisoner zero was an excellent monster whose true form was a gross snake like creature who could transform into all sorts of beings like the doctor and Amelia.I am not sure about the Atraxi look they looked like big eyes!!!Just think the majority of the episode was set in April 2008 about the time when Martha went to the moon!!!With the doctor landing in 1996,2008 and 2010.
What were my favourite bits the doctor telling the Atraxi to pack their bags,eating food and spitting it out,showing prisoner zero that it was defeated,seeing the new tardis and just seeing the doctor set of for a new adventure and the announcement that the doctor only had 20 minutes was exciting.What am i looking forward too?
1.The smilers How are they so terrifying?
2.Amy's reaction to time travel and discovering exactly who the doctor is
3.The truth about the beast below
4.The terrifying secret
5.Who exactly is the masked lady Elizabeth the 10Th? How does she know the doctor?
6.Why and how did Britain becoming a spaceship floating in space
and More arc links.
Although I thought this episode was incredible my farther thought it wasn't up to much and matt smith was not as good as David Tennant.At least he was looking forward
to the new adventures to come!!!
I totally disagree with him I really don't know what he was watching.
Now I must rate this episode and I rate it higher than any other episode in the history of doctor who and give it a rating it deserves.

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