Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Beast Below Review

So the beast below didn't end up being as good as I expected.
When finding out what the episode had in store before the episode I was heavily looking forward to the episode strange massive creature(The Beast Below),smilers and monks but the thing that ruins doctor who turned up again humans being villains which is a truly awful plot idea.For me doctor who is about travelling to distant places and different times and facing an adventure which featured monsters who kept killing everyone the beast below(the star whale) was mentioned to have killed many people if we seen them all being killed the episode would have been better this I realise is often a problem with moffat's scripts and I will be devastated if that does not happen in the next few episodes.Also,the smilers didn't do much they were like toys we didn't see them kill anyone or know what they do to kill people how could they kill people how were they created?.The episode still had good points like the choice I was thinking maybe the doctor could lose which he should do a lot more of and the aspects of seeing the future and the fantastic CGI of the star whale. Furthermore,I liked the fact that children who didn't do good enough in exams like that little boy who got yucked into the creature I have always thought this should happen on present day earth because people who don't do aswell in school just have simply not tried very hard and the children who have tried very hard should be treat better.The doctor also did a poor performance compared to the eleventh hour.I loved the ending with Amy thinking better than any companion has done before and fully finding out who the doctor is.Hope the next one is better and the winders were just ridiculous half human half smiler.Just lower than average doctor who with its good points and disappointments but of course it's doctor who and it was excellent but less excellent than normal.

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